Belgium’s Flanders Incorporates Video Games Into Education

By commissioning the Game.Learn.Grow toolbox, created by Arteveldehogeschool and Mediawijs, the Flemish Department of Education and Training has become the second European government ministry (after Poland) to acknowledge the importance of integrating video games into the classroom.

The toolbox serves as a practical guide for teachers in both elementary and high school with more than 30 ready-to-use activities for various age groups, including discovering ancient Greece in Assassin’s Creed, rebuilding their school in Minecraft, lesson sheets, and teacher tools to develop their own video game-based activities.

Flemish/Belgian video game industry spokesperson David Verbruggen said: “We’re delighted with the Game.Learn.Grow toolbox and want to thank the Flemish Department of Education and Training, Arteveldehogeschool, and Mediawijs for making this possible. Here’s hoping the tools lead to an ever-expanding database of quality, game-driven content that prove that games in the classroom are here to stay.”

ISFE CEO Simon Little said: “It is extremely exciting to see another European government recognise the value of video games to education in this way. We know from our Games in Schools project that video games have an exciting role to play in the classroom, inspiring an interest in STEM, equipping students with digital skills, increasing student engagement and learning outcomes, developing team-building, problem-solving and mental agility.”

The teachers’ handbook for ISFE Games in Schools has now been added to Klascement, the official teachers’ site in Flanders.

A EUR 100,000 fund to help the Flemish video games industry during the pandemic has also just been announced by the Flemish Government. Although the sales of video games on the market have also skyrocketed during lockdown, used by players for education, health, entertainment and to remain connected with friends and family, businesses with games still in production have been affected by remote work, employee illness and releases that have been postponed. Benjamin Dalle, Flemish Media Minister, referred to Flanders’ flourishing and creative games sector and the value of investing in its video games firms.