BCLC Strengthens Dedication To Safer Gaming Through Playplanner

By introducing PlayPlanner to every casino and community gaming center in BC, British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) has strengthened its dedication to beneficial and safer gaming. Encore Rewards participants can set and handle daily time and cash limits when playing slot games or eTable games with the optional budgeting instrument.

PlayPlanner promotes players to remain within the quantity they want as they approach their pre-determined boundaries. By developing a profile and custom settings, they can monitor their daily play. Players receive reminders about how they track their settings through onscreen pop-up posts during each play session.

“We’ve created PlayPlanner to make it easier for players to stay within personal limits by making decisions about time and money before gambling,” said Dr Jamie Wiebe, BCLC Director, Player Health. “We are committed to ensuring that this tool meets the needs of our players now and into the future as part of our focus on supporting healthy play.”

The initiative allows clients to willingly enroll in slots and eTables or in Guest Services / Player Clubs; set their own boundaries (time and/or spending); receive periodic on-screen notifications as they advance towards their voluntary boundaries; and alter their settings on the slot machine or eTable by accessing a PlayPlanner icon.

Since its launch in 2004, financial pre-commitment has been component of the BCLC website, PlayNow.com. Players are needed to select a maximum weekly transfer-in limit from $1 to $9,999 and the’ play history’ is always noticeable on the screen.