BANDAI NAMCO Celebrate 40 Years Of Pac-Man

This year marks 40 years since the introduction of Namco’s famous character Pac-Man into arcades and BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Europe (BNAE) unveiled a product line alongside calls from sister company BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment to “Join the Pac” in a year-long string of global brand and event collaborations.

Darrell Simmonds, EMEA sales manager for BNAE’s awards division, addressed the product lines that exist to promote the pop culture character at the EAG event in London in January.

“It was an excellent show for us this year, we exhibited new lines and received promising feedback. The 40th anniversary this year inspired our new line of Pac-Man products,” he said.

After 40 years of existence the buzz surrounding the IP proves its resolute power. It is extremely powerful with a hotly anticipated product already surpassing global sales targets-the new wireless charger and light Pac-Man speakerphone. The user’s phone sits inside the video game character’s open mouth and acts as both a luminous desk light and a speaker.

Also included in the full product list is a 7ins glossy plush with gold, Pac-Man special edition bobbleheads, 3-D key chains and a Mr and Mrs watch collection.

Many items that correspond with movies, games and shows have been developed, produced and published include new coloured Scooby-Doo, Paddington, Minecraft and Harley Quinn plush.

A new team member at EAG was also sporting to the BNAE award stand. “It was the first show for our new member of the team, Alka Mandal and she is looking forward to following up with all the customers she has met,” said Simmonds. “Alka’s presence definitely provided vitality to an already strong team at this year’s show.”