Avalon 2 Slot

Avalon 2 Slot is a Microgaming software that’s a continuation of the original Avalon slot. The two video slot games have a similar story and themed Slot. They have king Arthur as the main character and the round table knights; the Arthurian legend theme is brought to life.

Avalon 2 Slot comes with five reels and 243 different ways to win. If you cook the game’s recipe well, you might win £120,000. Play your cards well. 

The Slot comes with many great features whose primary focus is on the theme. The Holy Grail bonus feature is the best of them all. The bonus will allow you to keep playing in other mini-games, multipliers, and free spins. You can also play every other feature with the Avalon II Slot. However, to reach the Isle of Avalon, you have to pass through the Lake of Legend. 

An additional Merlin bonus feature makes everything exciting yet straightforward. It comes with random wins, multipliers, and cash prizes for players. 

This Avalon II Slot Review has it all.

About Avalon 2 Slot Game

The Avalon 2 Slot machine game first hit the gaming industry in 2014. It’s a better version of the original Avalon slot, and its design is perfectly done. 

The specs are not as high as the most recent products. But, the visuals are more enticing and appealing to play. 

The video slot game is designed based on a legendary kingship with an Arthurian theme. This is where the Excalibur sword of King Arthur was forged. The inspiration came from a movie, and you can tell that because of its epic scenes and the fresh, breathable atmosphere. 

It might have been around for a while, but the soundtrack and the brilliant graphics are more than reasonable. The reels come with a bit blocky royals, A and 9. Its reels are accompanied by many Arthurian icons, Queen Guinevere, Arthur himself, and Merlin. 

When you’re playing, you need to get a hold of the King Arthur symbol because he’s the most paying symbol. He will give you wins of 33.33 times your initial bet for five winning combos.

The Wild symbol represents the Avalon II Slot’s logo, and it replaces all the symbols apart from the scatter symbol, represented by the Lady of the Lake. The best thing is that it pays 66.66x your initial stake for five combos in a pay line.

You can play Avalon 2 Slot on any device, and it never disappoints because all the popular games available on a pc version are also on the mobile version.

How to Play Avalon 2 Slot Online

You can play the Avalon 2 Slot machine game in several Casinos. As an avid punter, you know that Microgaming products are hotcakes in the gaming industry, and their superb graphics and bonus features take the lead. Before you decide to play on a particular slot, consider the bonuses and the user experience. 

Before you’re deep into the kingdom of King Arthur and Knights, it would be best if you set your stakes perfectly. 

Here is what you need to do:

  • Control your bet buttons and the reels before starting your spin
  • If you don’t have time to start every single spin, use autoplay mode to preset the number of times you’d like the wheels to spin
  • After you’re all set, start the spin, and your reels will be in motion. Ensure your bets are set appropriately

Don’t have money for your first bet? Don’t stress. Avalon II Slot comes with a demo account. You don’t need to make a deposit to play, and it’s free.

You can do it from your mobile devices, tablet devices, or desktop version. This gives you the freedom to play from anywhere, as long as you tag your iOS, iPad, Android, or Windows. All you need is to log into the website and let the magic start.

Interactive Features

Bonus Features

If you love various features in a slot, the Avalon 2 Slot is your game-changer. The Slot comes with many extras, beginning with modifiers, and the gameplay will hook you up while playing with the Grail Bonus. It comes with eight more bonus features to help you navigate as you hunt the Holy Grail down.

Random Base Game Features

You haven’t experienced magical gameplays if you’re yet to play randomly activated modifiers. Avalon 2 Slot comes with this feature that strikes any spin while playing. 

Here is how they can make your game better:

  • Lady Of The Lake Feature: If she shows up on the middle wheel, she changes into a wild symbol to cover the entire reel.
  • Merlin Feature: It’s represented by an aged sage wizard who appears with a wave to his staff. He releases a stack of cash prizes to a maximum of 20x your bet. If you lose a multiplier or a spin, it’ll boost your payout by 2x to 4x on a winning one. 

Grail Bonus Feature

You will trigger your Holy Grail Bonus feature if you land three or more scatter symbols on a single spin. The goal is to grab the Holy Grail and safely take it back to Avalon. 

To accomplish your mission, you have to win several bonus features. You can unlock the features progressively upon activating the Holy Grail bonus. 

Here are the features that you need to unlock first:

Misty Vale Bonus Feature

For Misty, you’re required to play the 15 free bonus spins feature. However, before the round starts, you must select a symbol value. The symbol you choose will act as a wild symbol, While the feature is in action. Wins from this bonus feature attract a 2x multiplier. 

Lake of Legend Bonus Feature

In this unique dice game, segments of the sword are attached with numbers. Want to win a multiplier equal to your bet size? All you need to do is to roll the dice. For instance, number 2 on the die rewards you 2x. 

That segment is adjoined to the forge if you get a similar number on the sword. If you’re lucky to land all the six elements of the Excalibur, you’re given a bonus of 15x your bet plus the dice payouts.

Isle Of Avalon Bonus Feature

The last round spin on the reels is very conventional. The reels come with four-sided rings stacked with numbers, and each number awards a multiplier. If you need to open the 4th reel, you have to get number 0 on the 3rd reel. It’s tricky, but your rewards will be massive once you do. 

Hall Of Shadows Bonus Feature

To get this bonus feature, you have to attack the Black Knight. Each winning move to defeat the Black knight gives you a cash prize. 

Dusky Moors Bonus Feature

You need to select and match to get this Bonus feature. What you need to match here is the helmet symbol. Once you match them, you’ll land a multiplier of up to 20x your bet. Non-matching selections will automatically increase your multiplier if you get hold of them. 

Morgan’s Keep Bonus Feature

Morgan gives you 20 free bonus spins and rolling dice. If you roll a reel progressively, your multiplier is increased by 1 to a maximum of six. 

Whispering Woods Bonus Feature

It works like a, take it or leave it round. You must select a shield that offers you a cash prize that you can accept or deny. The awards vary between 10 and 20x your bet, and you can go on picking until you find an offer that stands out.

Forest Falls Bonus Features

This is another free bonus spins feature that gives you 20 free bonus spins with a wild symbol. If you get a wild feature either on row one or two in a reel, the outcome is the falling of a free spin to the base of that wheel. This Wild stands in place for free bonus spins before leaving the reel entirely.

What Symbol Triggers Avalon 2 Slot Bonus Free Spins?

The free bonus spins special feature is triggered by the wild symbol, the same as the bonus features. There are three types of free bonus spins that you can win:

Misty Value

It awards you 15 free bonus spins. If you desire an extra wild symbol with a multiplier, you can also pick them.

Morgan’s Keep

Morgan rewards you with 20 free spins when you signup, a successive multiplier, and a rolling dice feature. The multiplier ranges between 2x to 6x if you win several continuous prizes.

Forest Falls

Awards you 20 free spins as well. It also gives you an Avalon II Wild that turns sticky and increases to cover the entire reel. 

Paylines and Stakes 

Microgaming designs its slots with several no-special symbols and a few special ones. These are always the scatter and wild symbol. Six of the less critical symbols are blunt letters, which may turn off some punters. The letters are randomly taken with a colourful font style, and the font would look better on a baby’s birthday card than on the wheels. 

To be precise, the six letters represent symbols like Morgan, Guinevere, and Merlin. They’re well done, which makes them pretty good next to these humongous, cartoonish letters. 

As unappealing as these letters look, they pay reasonably well. The lowest paying gives you 20x your initial bet, which is not bad, especially on a slot where you can automatically place a stake on all the paylines. 

Slots with 20 paylines only let you create a gamble individually on the reels, and a win of 20x your bet is minimal. However, at Avalon 2, what it promises is what you get. 

It even gets better, as some letters can give you a win up to 500 times your bet, and the images can reward you a maximum of 5,000 times your stake. However, try to land five wild symbols to leave with 10,000 times your stake. 

It might not be that much for high rollers, but you’ll change a few things in your life if you win that. 

Avalon 2 Slot Game Software

Avalon 2 Slot is powered by Microgaming software. Microgaming as a company is a household name in the gaming industry, and that’s not enough reason for avid punters to celebrate it. Everything about the company is top-quality, and the games, graphics, payouts, and features don’t disappoint – check out some other slots here:

Due to its dedication to producing quality video slot games, the developer has won several awards. 

Avalon 2 Slot is up to standard like many of its games. The simplistic graphics are out of this world. The user experience is top-notch, and the bonus features are all you need. To win prizes, you have to fight the King of Knight. You’re given free spins, multipliers, trailing wilds, and cash awards if you win the battle. You have a maximum of 240,000 coins to win. The Slot comes with several ways to win; it would be best to explore all your options. 

What is Avalon 2 Slot RTP?

The RTP (Return To Player) for the Avalon 2 Slot is 96.5%

More Info

Before you start a game, it’s normal to understand and analyze your possibilities of winning a game, and it’s crucial to ensure that you’re not wasting your time and money on a slot that will not compensate you well. 

If your goal is to get payouts regularly, you need a slot with a high RTP and low to medium volatility. 

Slot Volatility

Avalon 2 Slot comes with medium volatility. Even if high rollers don’t get a chance to win millions from the gameplay, the Slot is definitely worth your while. Besides, you’ll get wins often; it’s a good balance at the end of the day. 


Avalon slot might sound complicated to players with all the features onboard, and it is the most straightforward Slot to play. The countless bonus features are meant to keep everything fresh. You might get overwhelmed, don’t stick up playing the same features all the time. 

Avalon slot has been around for about seven years, but everything looks pretty cool. The graphics combine the legendary King Arthur popular theme, and the holy grail and the soundtrack is soft, invoking a sense of fantasy.

Please don’t ignore the free feature, as it carries the highest payout that you can win from Avalon II Online Slot. Morgan Bonus feature is the best in this case as he awards you several free spins and a 6x multiplier. The payout is up to 16,200x your bet in each spin, which is fantastic. 

Avalon 2 Slot remains a famous game besides its age, though. If you like kings and kingdoms, this is the Slot for you, and it will make it worth your while, even on your mobile device. 

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