Atrium Sports Rebrands As Synergy Sports After Merging Entities

The sports technology company has combined all of its companies under one specific brand, Synergy Sports, following the purchase of Synergy Sports Technology and Keemotion by Atrium Sports in 2019.

According to the business, Synergy Sports aims to build the ‘only end-to-end sports technology ecosystem in the world’ as it addresses the needs of clubs, leagues and federations at all levels of play.

Synergy Sport will now be able to give partners a technology suite that ranges from developing their games to selling their content, while also providing livestreaming and distribution of enhanced content solutions, because of the merger of the three firms.

Chairman Nick Maywald of Synergy Sports stated: “Synergy Sports’ new brand promise is to deliver a fully immersive experience answering the needs and wants of players, coaches, teams and fans. Despite being one of the most challenging times in the history of sport due to the global pandemic, there’s never been a better time for sports to embrace technology and innovation.

“Staying true to our ‘Sport First’ ethos, we’re committed to help sports bounce back by investing in innovative technology and artificial intelligence to equip sports at every level with the tools and expertise to capture, analyze, produce, distribute and commercialize their data and video content.”

Mark Silver, previously the CEO of Synergy Sports Technology, will be named as the new CEO of Synergy Sports as a result of the merger. In addition, the former CEO and co-founder of Atrium Sports, Ben Turner, will assume the role of Chief Sport Officer.

Silver commented: “The opportunity to bring together three companies who have been industry leaders in their specific category of sports technology with a unifying vision of creating the first of its kind end-to-end solution is a game changer.

“Continuing to develop our own AI-driven proprietary technology while partnering with other best-in-class technologies to help meet the needs of our clients is a win-win for everyone, most importantly the players and fans.”

As part of its alliance with FIBA, Synergy Sports currently operates in 41 countries around the world with over 500 FIBA Linked Stadiums. Both NBA, MLB, G League, WNBA and NCAA Division I basketball teams also work in the US Synergy Sports.