Atrium Announces Acquisition Of Synergy Sports Technology

The purchase of Synergy Sports Technology, a global supplier of information and video analytics tools for the NBA, MLB and NCAA Division I-II-III basketball and Division I baseball, was announced by Atrium Sports, a full-service technology company for sports and video data content.

The deal, Atrium said, will speed up its expansion strategy and strengthen its global offering of end-to-end technology solution.

A lead investment from Eldridge Industries and additional investment from Elysian Park Ventures, Atrium executives and other shareholders from Atrium and Synergy Sports completed the acquisition.

Synergy Sports offers analytics and resources to teams that allow scouting, player development and monetization of entertainment. Over the past year, over 60,000 basketball games and 15,000 baseball games were captured, tagged and analysed by the firm.

It also noted that prospects were emerging in hockey and soccer. Through incorporating the content of Synergy Sports into the network of Atrium, clubs, leagues and federations can gain greater access to comprehensive data and advanced digital video production of live sporting events and more.

This purchase marks another significant step in the development of Atrium, following a recent announcement to begin the FIBA Connected Stadium roll-out of a historic agreement with FIBA, the world governing body of basketball, which brings together 213 National Basketball Federations.

“Synergy Sports is relied on by virtually every elite and semi-elite basketball team worldwide, and we’re delighted for them to join the Atrium Sports family,” said Nick Maywald, Group CEO and Chairman. “This, coupled with Synergy Sports impressive impact in baseball over recent years, is testament to the fantastic business Garrick Barr, Mark Silver and the whole team at Synergy Sports have built.”

“Combining their technology with our autonomous video production creates exciting opportunities to simplify workflow for coaches and analysts and accelerates the development of how AI can benefit sports.”

“Having proven our true value in the basketball industry, we’re now excited to be working closely with other sports, like baseball and hockey, alongside a partner that shares our passion to develop sport through innovation in technology,” said Mark Silver, CEO of Synergy Sports. “The backing of Eldridge Industries and Elysian Park Ventures is ideally placed to continue to accelerate our growth worldwide.”