Assure-Bet Launched To Protect Workers And Players In Gaming Sector

Veteran gaming executives Perry Stasi and David Schugar have founded Assure-Bet, a company dedicated to detecting, nominating and delivering products and best practises designed to help keep players and employees protected from viruses and contagion. The goal is to help gaming venues remain open in the event of potential outbreaks, in the longer term.

The two spent several months studying and establishing detailed operating procedures for the gaming industry during the branch-wide COVID-19 lockout. This can now be used as an extension for existing protocols, or to resolve significant holes in operators’ current policies and procedures.

Assure-Bet refers to the health policy as set: BIO-MICS (for Bio-Integrity: Maximum Internal Control Standards).

CEO Stasi explained: “The protocols started off as a ‘safety first’ list of guidelines for the Table Games Department that evolved into a property-wide plan. Our mindset began with the assumption that everyone in the casino could be COVID positive and asymptomatic.

“Adopting this unique philosophy and trying to offset the associated bio-threats with firm guidelines would serve as a strong confidence builder for both employees and customers returning to the new norms of the gaming industry.”

COO Schugar stated in making the announcement that Assure-Bet has also been scientifically testing tools for virus killing and sanitising, software systems and employee health applications. This may involve research as well as social distance ticket sales in entertainment venues and plastic items that can improve protection while contributing to customer service efforts as well.

He said: “We consider several factors we feel will be important to operators, such as bio-integrity effectiveness, operational efficiencies, and mitigation of liability, and we will be announcing the endorsement of several products in the very near future.

“Assure-Bet is, in some degree, a response to the lack of clearly defined bio-integrity standards between and within gaming jurisdictions.”

Stasi added: “The great thing about our strategy is if the industry adopts our philosophy and products, we expect casinos may not have to close down again because of an outbreak of any contagion in the future or perhaps a false alarm in the Fall or if someone tests positive within their property.”