Asian Beauty Slot

Asian Beauty Slot has become insanely popular among avid slot players over the last few years. If you adore Asian-themed games with Japanese, Korean, or Chinese themes, then this is your one-stop-shop. It has all that you need in terms of features, graphics, payouts, RTP, and volatility.

Asian Beauty Slot was launched back in 2011 by Microgaming. Usually, you’d think that people wouldn’t love it because it has been around for a decade. However, that’s not the case, and players still love it. To your surprise, it’s more popular than when it started. 

What’s the reason behind the popularity? So you ask. Stay long in this Asian Beauty Slot review. You’ll understand why. 

Asian Beauty slot is an exciting Microgaming software with an Asian theme and female characters. Don’t you love Microgaming? Microgaming tries to stay relevant by capturing the beauty and wisdom of Asian queens. If you’re visiting it for the first time, you might feel short of some original features, unlike other online slot games. But that’s not the case. Just give it a chance and see how your winnings will be doubled while havings lots of fun. 

Asian Beauty slot comes with an attractive, user-friendly interface to give you fair and equal opportunities for winning reasonable rewards. However, hitting the jackpot at The Asian Beauty is not a hustle. 

You’re guaranteed a win of up to 49,000x your initial stake and free spins bonus round as you play. Giving such a significant promise to players is barely available in other Asian-themed slots. 

About Asian Beauty Slot Game

Everybody who has interacted with Asian Beauty Slot loves it very much. Its magical looks and rare pictures of Asian queens on every symbol lock you in.

Other excellent features are a demonstration of gold or silver ingots, lotus flowers, a jewellery box, cherry blossom, and many more. 

It’s not that different from other slots with Asian themes. But, it presents the unique features of the Asian beauties from a different angle. The Slot is set up in a background covered with a snow moonlight garden of a kingdom. 

The Slot is all about beautiful flowers and elegant women in a majestic royal palace. You can see a pagoda from a distance just above the reels. The images that come along with this Slot are used to promote and launch various games.

All the iconic features that come with the paytable have perfect designs. The soft soundtrack accompanying the reels as they spin pleasing, and it creates a soothing environment as you walk around the kingdom’s garden. 

Even if Microgaming has always produced products with great graphics, the Asian Beauty slot is more than well done, considering this game was launched a decade ago, so it’s not slick like the most recent releases. 

When playing, keep watch on the four beauties in red, purple, blue, and yellow because these are the most important symbols in this Slot. Please don’t focus on the Cherry Blossom and Lotus Flowers, as they are the least valuable symbols. 

Can’t wait to meet the beautiful women already? Relax. You can even start on a free version of the Asian Beauty Slot. Play for free as you get acquainted with what’s available.

How To Play Asian Beauty Slots Online

If you’re coming to Asian Beauty Slot for the first time, the number of the Betways might be a little bit confusing. This is because there are about 243 ways you can win. However, having several ways to win doesn’t have to make the Slot complicated to play. 

To play a game at Asian Beauty, you need:

  • To set up, you stake at least 0.30 Euros and up to 3 Euros 
  • Then click the Asian Beauty spin button
  • Yaaay! Sit back, relax and wait for the result.

If you’re too eager to see what you’ve won, wait until the spins are set in motion and click stop, which will enable you to check if you won or not. 

There is not much to talk about – It’s just a typical video slot, and it functions like one. But, if you want to play it with real money, it’s advisable to try it for free before making any investment. 

After your free-to-play demo version, if you’re content and ready to go ahead with real money, it’s crucial to play it attentively because it’s a reputable casino. One of the games you need to try is the Betway, and it’s one of the top games in the UK. All players who have played there have only lovely to say about the casino. It offers an outstanding games collection and one of the best welcome bonuses. 

Want to play the Asian Beauty on the go? It’s your lucky hour. You can do it from the palm of your hand because it’s fully mobile and tablets optimised. The user interface is not different from that of a desktop if you’re worried about that. Besides, all the exciting slots features, game bonus features and symbols are just the same. 

The limits are also similar, making most of the games with high wagers great for players. You can find the Asian Beauty slot app on the Microgaming slot database, and you can even see the mobile version of Betway in the app section. 

Interactive Features

If you wonder why slot players love The Asian Beauty so much, wait until you see its bonus features.

Wild Symbols

If you’ve been playing slot games for a while, you understand that wild symbols replace all symbols in a game apart from the scatter symbol. However, the wild symbol is much more helpful at Asian Beauty Slot as it can help you win a max of 2000 coins in just one spin. 

Beauty Mirror Symbol

The Beauty Mirror bonus symbol is usually activated at random. Once the feature is activated, the video Slot machine shows you 12 mirrors from the front. 

If you tap the mirrors, the Asian queens will be revealed. If the first three symbols match, you’ll win a prize. 

Free spins

The free spins feature is captivated if the reels are filled with three or more scatter symbols. And, as part of the deal, you’re given a max of 25 free spins. Interestingly, the rest of your wins are doubled while playing on free spins. This is because it has a multiplier that accompanies it. There is a possibility that you can win a max of 40,000 coins from a single game.

Scatter Wins

A jackpot feature is triggered if five scatter icons land on the reels; this is what holds Asian Beauty together as it comes with great rewards. The jackpot is worth 100 times your initial bet. 

Jackpot Features and Bonus Round

The Asian Beauty offers a jackpot worth 200 golden coins. They give you the jackpot feature to boost your winnings as you enjoy their awesome games.

The feature doesn’t come along quickly. But, you’re encouraged to bet more to increase your winning chances. Even though it’s not easy to land this feature, the rules are straightforward, play more, increasing your chances of winning more.

What Symbol Triggers Asian Beauty Slot Bonus Free Spins

The Asian Beauty free spins bonus feature is triggered by scatter symbols. As you’re playing, if you land three to five scatter symbols on the reels simultaneously, the free spins feature is activated. 

You’ll get a max of 25 free spins, and if you were lucky to get a win, it would be doubled. Want to re-trigger even more free spins? Just follow the same process you did to trigger them. 

Payline and Stakes 

Asian Beauty Slot doesn’t come with paylines. And, since it doesn’t have a payline, it’s hard to maximise any spin bet below one coin, considering that the smallest bet size is 0.3 Euros. If you tap on any coin button, you must choose between one to ten. If you want to change the coin value to a cent of half a Euro, press on ‘+’ and ‘-.’ The highest stake you can place is 150 Euros per spin. If you’re a high roller, this may interest you. 

The least valuable symbols of Asian Beauty have similar payout schemes. If you match three symbols on the screen, you get 5x, Four pay 10x max 15, and five pay 75x your initial bet. However, there are four lucrative beauties. If you match three or four or five, they pay 10x, 25x, and up to 200x. 

There’s also a chance that you can win 1,000 Euros if you match five identical symbols on any of the four beauties. The Slot machine has about 243 ways to win, meaning you always get small wins. These small wins will eventually give you a decent win at the end of the day. 

Asian Beauty Slot Game Software

Asian Beauty 5-reel slot is powered by Microgaming online casino software, which has also produced slots such as Ariana Slot, Aurora Wilds, Avalon 2 and Badminton Hero. Judging from the software provider, this Mobile Video Slot is packed with quality and attractive graphics. Microgaming has lured players with great bonuses and free spins feature.

Microgaming is a popular software provider that has won several awards;

  • The Sure Award
  • The Baker Tilly Isle of Man Award
  • The Hooded Ram Brewing Co Award.
  • The Celton Manx Award

Asian Beauty Slot comes with a theme and great symbols that reflect the name. You can play the games online with your first deposit being awarded a bonus. You don’t want to miss out on this five-reel Slot. 

What Is Asian Beauty Slots RTP

The RTP for AsianBeauty Slot is 96.40%, and this kind of RTP is rarely found in most video slots.

More Info

An RTP determines your chances of winning a game, and a high RTP means high returns. With 96.40%, the Asian Beauty Slot is among the video slots that offer a reasonable return to players. 

This RTP means the possibility of pocketing 96.40% if you place a bet worth 100 coins on one spin. 

Slot Volatility

Asian Beauty Slot has low volatility.

If you try to search for nice-looking slots in Microgaming, you’ll find Asian Beauty on the first page. With 243 ways to win, you can bet up to 10 coins in a line and change coins from 0.01 to 1.00. Asian Beauty Slot may seem volatile, but its intentional beauty will hook you up and make you play more and more games.


If it’s your first time playing a game at Asian Beauty Slot, it may come across as an ancient-looking slot. However, it would be best if you tried the games. They are an absolute charm and elegant. The free spins, prizes, and rewards make the game more attractive, unlike other online video slots.

If you’re not sure about going all-in with money, you can try its free demo, which is essential because you’ll know what to expect on the inside and how to play your cards well to make big wins. 

It’s not a secret that once you get hold of the Asian Beauty Slot from Microgaming, it will be your new best thing. Apart from the rewards, the theme and soundtrack are everything if you love Asia.

The Slot doesn’t have any progressive jackpot. But that’s not a good enough reason not to try it. What are you waiting for? Please go check it out right now. It’s your lucky day. 

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