ASCI Issue Guidelines For Responsible ‘Real Money Gaming’ Ads

In order to encourage ‘real-money gaming,’ the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has issued the first set of guidelines on responsible advertising.

When marketing real money sports, the non-governmental body urged its members to exercise caution, an advertisement section considered by the watchdog to be high-risk.

ASIC maintains that its guidelines seek to establish a stable and coherent structure for advertisers to adopt when promoting real-money games, but stressed that the 28 autonomous state governments of India will independently regulate the ultimate regulation and legality of games.

The standards body released its membership guidelines, having reported a large rise in advertising during the COVID-19 pandemic supporting real-money games. ASIC guidelines specify that representatives must ensure that real-money marketers are unable to promote games or services that portray any individual under the age of 18, a provision that is implemented in all media.

A ‘Please Play Responsibly’ disclaimer must carry all real money gaming advertising, advising customers of the related financial risks and possible addictions, with alerts enforced through audio and video channels.

Furthermore, Indian broadcasters and media owners must ensure that involvement in real money games is not represented as an opportunity for income or jobs.

India does not currently have any central statutory body or uniform regulations controlling the advertisement industry. The criteria defined by the ‘ASIC Code’ to guarantee ‘honesty, decency, responsibility and fairness’ for Indian advertising practises are administered by ASIC members.