As New Zealand Lowers Alert Level SkyCity Issues COVID Update

Auckland headquartered gaming and entertainment firm SkyCity Entertainment issued another business update after the New Zealand government announced that as part of its COVID-19 response protocols, the county has moved into alert level one.

There are no limits on mass meetings at the new warning level and physical distance standards have been relaxed but tight border controls will remain firmly in place.

SkyCity ‘s properties in the country are therefore to resume events and promotions from today, with electronic gaming machines and gaming tables to operate as usual without physical distancing requirements. This will see elimination of the ‘gaming zones’ introduced during warning level two.

Public members will now be allowed to return to the SkyCity casinos, with limits imposed under the previous stage ensuring that only top rewards holders will be allowed to use the property.

The company claims it will continue to adhere to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of coronavirus, as well as SkyCity’s own health , safety and hygiene standards to ensure customer and employee protection.

As regards travel within and outside the country , international borders are expected to remain closed at alert level one for the foreseeable future.

SkyCity states, however, that β€œthe reopening of the Trans-Tasman border between Australia and New Zealand appears increasingly likely over the next few months, which would be positive for SkyCity and its tourism-related businesses.”

In addition, based on the current three-stage approach by the South Australian government to lighten its own COVID-19 restrictions, the operator continues to stipulate expectations that it will be able to reopen its Adelaide Casino property in either late June or early July.

SkyCity said last week that facilities within New Zealand are performing ahead of internal expectations, following the reopening of entertainment and lodging facilities in Auckland, Hamilton and Queenstown on 14 May 2020.

Gaming businesses in Auckland and Hamilton are said to have delivered “very pleasing” results , particularly in electronic gaming machines, while table game sales have improved steadily after a slow start, representing a return to about 50% of normal business.

Having registered 21,000 customer registrations as of May 31 , 2020, SkyCity’s online casino “continues to trade strongly” and was profitable in both April and May.