As #GiftSmart Campaign Begins, BCLC Delivers Lottery Product Reminders

The British Columbia Lottery Company has launched its annual public-information campaign #GiftSmart, providing a warning that only adults should be issued lottery tickets.

The BCLC reminds adults during the holiday season that lottery items, like Scratch & Win tickets, are not acceptable gifts for minors at any time of the year but especially during the holiday season when parents might be searching for a stocking filler.

The BCLC initiated the campaign in early December to promote responsible play and gift giving to 3,500 lottery retailers across the province through internet, radio and social media outreach, as well as through digital signage.

In addition, the BCLC, whose initiative is being undertaken in conjunction with the National Council on Problem Gambling, is urging parents to start a dialogue about the dangers associated with gambling with their children.

Dr Jamie Wiebe, director of player health for BCLC said: “Research shows that early childhood gambling experiences, including those with lottery products, can be a risk factor for gambling problems later in life.

“We encourage everyone to be #GiftSmart and give lottery tickets as gifts only to adults.”

Last month, the BCLC announced that for the fourth consecutive time, it had achieved level four World Lottery Association certification for excellence in responsible gambling programming.

Level four being the highest qualification level awarded under the responsible gambling system by the independent evaluation panel of the WLA.

The IAP noted in its Assessment Report that the BCLC’s “player education programme is by far meeting the highest standards in the field,” as the BCLC became one of 13 North American lottery jurisdictions to receive Level 4 certification.

On BCLC’s online gambling platform, the IAP also outlined player-health protections, stating that “ offers many interesting [responsible gambling] features that are well integrated in the general perspective of a global health approach.”