Armenia To Tighten Gambling Laws With Location Restrictions

It is confirmed that Armenia is tightening its gambling laws, with steps that affect both the location and size of betting venues.

Reported by Armenian media outlets, Finance Minister Atom Janjughazyan announced during a government meeting that bookmakers would now be allowed to operate only at locations that are some distance away from ‘heavily populated areas, as well as educational or cultural institutions, government offices or hospitals.’

As it stands, bookmakers are licenced to operate in Armenia, with most of the venues within heavily populated residential areas.

However, the new regulations mean that Yerevan bookmakers would need to move their offices to more than 150 metres away from the areas mentioned. Elsewhere, the distance is 100 metres, with the exception of the Syunik, Meghri and Tavush administrative centres, where the limit is set at 50 metres.

Janjughazyan said: “This is negatively impacting the society by creating the dangers of easily being allured with gambling. In particular, such facilities should have additional premises, in particular, a foyer, which is to be separated from the general gambling hall for checking the IDs of people.”