Arcane Reel Chaos Slot

The city is falling into ruins in the hands of the evil villain Deep-Pockets . He wants to see to it that the city does not exist. But, you have four heroes at hand to help you fight the enemy. Are you going to win, or will you let the villain take the city?

The Arcane Reel video slot game allows you to be part of the NetEnt creation. Taking part in a war full of bizarre characters, soundtracks, symbols, and graphics is a game full of surprises. 

In this arcane reel chaos slot review, we will dig deeper and understand the rules of play, the symbols, and the game’s bonus features. 

We will also look at the games RTP, slot volatility, and above all, how you can win yourself high returns with your bet amount. 

About The Arcane Reel Chaos Slots Game

The NetEnt studios have a way of getting into the minds of gamers by having addictive games. You have to get down and fight the deep criminal pockets to save a city that happens to be in ruins. 

Again the graphics of the game, the background sounds, and the colours used bring out the dark city. Apart from that, the game is full of bizarre characters and many other features meant to lighten the game’s mood. 

The game falls in the video category with a setup of five reels, three rows, and 20 paylines for you to stake your cash and win some good payouts. More so, the paylines cut across the reel running from left to right. 

The Arcane reel chaos slot game gives a chance to win hefty payouts because of the random re-spins, stacked wild symbols, and win multipliers. Likewise, the game has four staged bonus games for you to play within the game. 

Besides, the game features four characters that will help defeat the deep pocket enemy and save the city. The four heroes in the game include Psyop, Flare, Zero-X, and Chrono. Each hero has a role in the game, so you have to watch the action unfold during the gameplay. 

The Arcane reel chaos offers more because of the action-packed free spin feature. Play the arcane reel chaos slot game in four stages to win more cash. Yet, it is the final fourth stage that will open for you the extra win. 

Remember, the arcane reel chaos has features that trigger randomly during the play. The four heroes, Psyop, Flare, Chrono, and Zero-X, are high-paying symbols. So put your eyes fixed on these symbols to unfold more features and multipliers for you to win. But, the arcane Reel Chaos 2019 release may seem complicated to a beginner to play.

Nevertheless, as you continue to play the game, you get to understand and become well-versed in the game rules. Slowly by slowly, you become the game guru. Arcane reel chaos slot game is a non-progressive jackpot game. Yet the scatter symbols, bonus features, and multipliers assure good returns of 10000× your bet.

Moreover, the game’s RTP, 96.81%, adds flavour to the game for the waged amount. The NetEnt company uses HTML5 technology when developing its slot game.

In the same way, you can play the game on your desktop, a mobile platform including android, iPhones, and tablets. Thus it is a game to play on the go. 

How To Play Arcane Reel Chaos Slots Online

Arcane Reel chaos slot game features five reels, three-row, and 20 fixed paylines that offer good returns to the player. More so, for you to enjoy the game online, follow the following steps.

Press the spin button, which will deliver you to the centre of the game. You will find yourself in an action-packed city in total ruins caused by an enemy called deep pockets. Your primary focus is to defeat this villain as you bug some real money for yourself. 

You have four soldiers to help you stop the deep pocket villain in the game. So, your heroes are Flare, Chrome, Zero-X, and Psyop. Each of the heroes has his work in the game. 

The heroes are your high-paying symbols for you to rake good money on the reel. · Psyop hero. When the Psyop hero appears on two or three reels, you get awarded the stacked wild symbol. 

It is this symbol that leads to multiple combinations of wins. 

Flare hero. 

Once you win a spin, the flare soldier will place a burning multiplier wheel on the reel. So, when the wheel appears, your return increases in multiples of 3×, 4×, or 5×. 

Chrono hero. 

If you are a gaming addict, you will realize that not all spins on the reel result in a win. On the contrary, when you don’t win the spin in the arcane game, the Chrono comes to your rescue. She will keep spinning the wheel until you get yourself a prize. Now, that’s a set of superpowers.

Zero-X hero. 

The superhero ensures you take home more wins on the reel. So, the Zero-x replaces other symbols resulting in 3-5 extra wilds on the reel, which helps grab a win. 

Remember, Chrono triggers a re-spin on the revolution. Therefore, you can win more re-spins when you land the scatter symbols on reel 1, 3, and 5. 

You will now face a more aggressive Deep Pocket villain when you land more re-spin features. Indeed, you will meet him in four stages. The stages are as follows. 

Stage 1.

The deep pocket villain has two health points. If you win at this stage, you earn yourself a 1× multiplier. 

Stage 2.

The villain has four health points. Defeat him to win a 2× multiplier on your bet. 

Stage 3.

The deep pocket has increased health points to five. If you win at this stage, your chance earns a three* multiplier. 

Stage 4.

You win yourself a four multiplier at this stage because the villain will have six health points. If you win all four stages when fighting the deep pocket villain, you win yourself a victory bonus with all four stages in mind. 

But what is of interest in this game? The enemy turns out to be the highest rewarding symbol. If you land a five on a pay line, you earn yourself 50× the stake amount.

So, it does not hurt when you land the deep pocket villain on any pay line during the play.

During the gameplay, you will note other symbols that do not attract high pays, and they are the lowest paying symbols in the game. 

You will come across the card suit characters marked with letters A, K, Q, J, and ten card values. The cards pay between two times and four times if you land five of its kind on the pay line. 

Interactive Features 

The arcane reel chaos slot game has interactive features like other excellent online slot games to keep the gamblers playing. The standard features that appear in most Video Slot games are, 

Progressive Jackpot

Not all slot machine base games have a jackpot that increases in time, and admittedly, the arcane reel chaos does not have the progressive jackpot. But there are other ways devised by NetEnt to enable you to win excellent profits during the play. 

And that is why the maximum win falls on the Chrono hero, who has many re-spin features. So, if you have a good run in the game, you can earn ten times multiplier on your bet. 

Equally, if you use the maximum stake of £200 and your lucky day, you win yourself a cool £2,000,000. Is that not a dream of any gambler? 


The NetEnt Company ensured there are rewarding symbols for you to stake and take advantage of when playing. Nonetheless, these symbols have both high and low pay on your stake. 

The superpower characters include the following. 

  • High paying symbol- the deep pocket, super villain 
  • Standard symbols. They are the four superheroes: flare, Chrono, Psyop, and the Zero-X.
  • The low-paying symbols are the card suits. A, K, Q, J, and 10. 

Thus, the psyop symbol is the stacked wild symbol, and the Zero-x feature is the wild overlay symbol. The Flare hero is the multiplier symbol, while the Chrono turns out to be the scatter symbol. Remember, each character has a role during the gameplay. 

What Symbol Triggers Arcane Reel Chaos Slot Bonus Free Spins?

The arcane reel chaos slot machine game has a spin bonus feature known as the free spin. To trigger the free spins feature, you will have to land three scatter symbols simultaneously. 

The scatter symbol has to land on reel 1, 3, and reel 5. However, you will not the scatter symbol in the game when you see a heart inside a golden locket. 

Therefore the Chrono logo appears on reel 1, 3, 5. Then you get your free spin bonus, resulting in a hefty package on your bet amount. 

Pay lines And Stakes

Pay Lines

The arcane reel chaos payline video slot game features 20 fixed pay-lines on the reel, and the paylines run from left to right on the rotation. In other words, you have to play all the paylines in a single spin with your bet amount spread across all the paylines. 

Therefore the arcane reel chaos slot game caters to players with different budget sizes. 


The arcane reel chaos has stake levels possible for the lowest gambler. Your least bet per bet line is 10 cents, but you can bet to a maximum of £ 200. 

Similarly, the coin values range from 0.01 to 10 on each bet line. Again, the Arcane reel chaos will earn you a maximum payout of 10000× your bet amount during the spin. 

The Arcane Reel Chaos Slot Game Software

The fantastic game is a creation of the NetEnt software powerhouse, which is known for slots such as Reel Rush. The company started in 1996 and has its headquarters in Sweden. Similarly, the company has continued to create influential online casino games and standard casino games. 

Their pre-selected games have been featured and loved by most successful online casinos operators. Likewise, the firm has developed dozens of familiar names in the industry. It features table games like blackjack and roulette, video slots, video pokers, and the famous classic slot reels.

Moreover, NetEnt is a trusted company because it has continued to offer its customers high standards. Above all, the company has operating licenses in various countries across the globe. The company prides itself on the following games. 

  1. Video and slot games. Examples include Arabian nights, aloha cluster rage, aloha Christmas, and the arcane reel chaos. 
  2. Mobile slot games which have berry burst, big bang touch, bloodsuckers, and many more. ·
  3. Video poker. The video poker games include Joker wild multi-hand, All American multi-hand, and deuces wild multi-hand. 

Apart from these favourite games, NetEnt has featured in several awards. These are · Live casino award for 2019 

• EGR Italy awards 2018

• EGR Nordic awards 2019

• Global gaming awards London 2019

If that is not all, the NetEnt games feature impressive jackpots for its gamers. Equally, the jackpots have continued to make players pocket millions. Above all, the Arabian nights: mega fortune jackpot featured in the Guinness world book of records. 

What Is Arcane Reel Chaos Slots RTP?

The game has a Return To Player of 96.81%. That is to say, for every bet amount of 100 pounds, you have a chance of winning back 96.81. 

If you are a serious player, the higher the amount you will stake, you will have the possibility of racking back good returns. But, the remaining 3.19% goes to the jackpot amount. 

Slot volatility 

The Arcane reel chaos game is a medium variant game. You will have to be patient while you play because the wins might not frequently come. But, during the play, you are more likely to have large payouts when lady luck smiles for you. 

It is a game for serious players who are patient enough to stay on the reel and watch fate unfold to them. 

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Arcane reel chaos is a game with many complicated yet exciting features. It is a game I wouldn’t recommend for a beginner to stake reel money for the first time of play. 

However, if you are a beginner, there are free modes for you to try before risking your money. Though it is a medium volatile game, it has good returns for you. Combining the RTP with other features like the free spins, high paying symbols, and other game elements, the end package is encouraging. 

Above all, it is a game that you have an opportunity to play on various devices. The mobile version can play on your desktop, your mobile phone device, or your tablet. Again, the game has an auto-play feature if you want the machine to win some money for you. 

Overall, NetEnt Company did an excellent job with the arcane reel chaos classic superhero slot game. 

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