ARC Announce Greyhound Trainer Support Through COVID-19

Arena Racing Company (ARC) has announced that, during the suspension time for racing, it will provide financial assistance to greyhound trainers working at its five stadia.

ARC is providing £ 5 per dog each week to trainers from Belle Vue, Newcastle, Nottingham, Perry Barr and Sunderland following the cessation of greyhound racing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The proceeds will go to meet the health needs of greyhounds that can not compete during this period.

Rachel Corden, director of Greyhound Operations at ARC said: “These are very challenging times for everyone in the greyhound racing industry.

“The support offered to the trainers at our five stadia will assist them as they work hard to continue to look after all the greyhounds in their care during the three-week period when racing restrictions are in place.”

The help will be in effect for the initial duration of three weeks during which racing will be suspended and reviewed until the situation becomes clearer.

The suspension, confirmed earlier this week by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB), came after Boris Johnson’s launch of a package of new travel and social participation restrictions. A review of the ‘lockdown’ is due in three weeks time.