Apple And Google Remove Hundreds Of Illegal Gambling Apps

Apple and Google have deleted hundreds of apps from their stores considered to be illegal gambling applications masked as non-gambling products.

According to Trend Micro research, Asian-based gambling applications have been masquerading as legal applications concentrating on topics such as wine, tourism or climate in an effort to bypass local government laws and app store practices.

Some of the hundreds of apps found in the iOS App App Store and Google Play, were ranked in the top 100 of the App Store and rated more than 100,000 times.

The apps were designed to prevent detection because their descriptions were incompatible with their material and during reviews their gambling characteristics were deliberately concealed.

Since then, Apple and Google have deleted all known applications.

The applications had been widely accessed in China, where state media have been critical of internet and mobile gambling in recent months, while public attempts to ban illegal online gambling groups have resulted in a large amount of arrests.

Last year, in a comparable tale, Apple deleted thousands of illegal lottery applications from its China store to comply with tightening regulations and criticism from state media.

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