ANJ Takes Control Of France’s Self-Exclusion System

As France’s current unified gambling regulator continues to perform its core duties, l’Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ) has taken over control of France’s self-exclusion system.

Self-exclusion service revamp

Formerly operated by the Ministry of the Interior of France, ANJ immediately announced that it would move to revamp the self-exclusion service for modern consumers.

Operating online

The ANJ has announced, taking over responsibility, that France’s new service will be entirely operated online, reducing face-to-face registrations, human errors and system upgrade delays.

Under the Ministry of the Interior, to complete registration, French players were expected to register with their local police station, a barrier that hurt vulnerable and at-risk players.

Last June, the ANJ was named as France’s new gambling regulator, chaired by Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, France’s former State Councilor on Data and Consumer Protections, and directed to immediately conduct a thorough review of the nation’s gambling laws and support structures.

The ANJ released its first legislative plan for 2021 last week, in which the regulatory agency outlined its aim to overhaul France’s existing gaming and child safety protections.

Motivated by public health concerns

The ANJ stressed that its decisions and actions would be motivated by public health concerns regarding addiction and compulsive gaming, releasing its initial framework on new gambling protections that require implementation.