ANJ Announce Xavier Asperge’s Appointment As Gambling’s IT supervisor

The ANJ, France’s unified gaming authority, has announced the appointment of Xavier Asperge as Director of Technical Expertise and Systems Supervision, bolstering its regulatory mandate.

Asperge will be in charge of creating the ANJ’s own tech supervisory unit, which will be responsible for overseeing and registering all tech-related elements of registered French gambling companies.

Asperge, a telecommunications engineer with a distinguished background in the French Civil Service, has headed a host of IT-related and technology transfer programmes for key government agencies.

Prior to joining the ANJ, Asperge worked for France’s General Directorate of Customs as the Deputy Director of IT Systems and for France’s Social Ministries as the deputy technical director.

Regulation of new centralised gambling industry

Asperge is a key appointment for the ANJ, who will help the regulator define new technical structures and system standards to regulate France’s new centralised gambling industry.

A statement read: “Xavier Asperge will steer the definition of technical requirements in terms of the integrity of gaming operations and the security of information systems and the monitoring of their implementation by the operators, in particular through the examination of the approvals of software and certifications.”

The ANJ released a new ‘technical command’ for approved companies at the start of 2021, requiring them to comply with new data obligations as well as register all information supply contracts with the ANJ.

The ANJ was given expanded powers to use France’s “Consumer Code” as a further provision for regulating French licenced operators by France’s Council of State this week.

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