AMS Chairman Suggests Merging Nascar Racing And Casinos

Atlanta Motor Speedway (AMS) chairman, Ed Clark, has prepared a few suggestions of how the state of Atlanta could do things a little differently, merging NASCAR racing and casinos.

Georgia lawmakers are discussing whether or not to bring forward a bill to allow the expansion of betting in the Peach State, and Clark believes that if it is connected to Georgia’s beloved NASCAR racing, the idea could be given more support.

He provided two architectural sketches of what might be an enhanced resort version of Georgia, combining the current AMS track with a theme park and casino, according to Fox 5 Atlanta.

The location could also deliver a three-level golf driving range, an indoor / outdoor watermark, a movie complex, an arena for athletics, a casino, and a family entertainment centre. Of course, without a 300,000 square feet shopping mall and ten restaurants, no integrated resort would be complete.  Add on a 700-room hotel, the 85,000-square-foot casino floor, 75,000-square-foot convention space and Georgia is staring at a massive project that would compete with anything in the U.S.

AMS is already a popular location and not just because of the NASCAR races. It hosts the Georgia State Fair, the Atlanta Air Show and the Imagine Music Festival, so the venue has a reputation that makes it easy to adapt to more action.

With the exception of the casino, practically anything Clark would want to construct could be accepted by state legislators. That would require a change in the constitution of the state and is a two-step process. First, two-thirds of Georgia’s legislators would have to sign off on a bill to introduce to the voting ballot the issue of legalised gambling. If that support was obtained, next year’s Georgia voters would be asked the question for them to actually make the call.

State gaming proponents are already trying to persuade policymakers that it is a good idea to expand gambling options. Given the relatively conservative nature of the state, it is not an easy task, but Clark adds to the flames some significant energy. He points out that the resort, which could be developed in conjunction with Foxwoods Resort Casino, will create up to 5,000 permanent jobs and around $1 billion in revenue from construction.