Altenar COO Believes End Of ‘One Stop Shop’ Sports Betting

The desire for a ‘one stop shop’ solution among operators is a thing of the past, says Altenar COO Dinos Stranomitis, who added that choosing specific elements from various B2B providers is now common practise for B2C betting and gaming businesses.

Talking at ICE London, he said Altenar will continue to be specialised in offering a sports betting solution for both new customers and a growing group of partners now including KTO Apuestas, SVL in Jamaica and Lottoland.

“I remember years ago a few big software companies were trying to get a one-stop shop for everything,” said Stranomitis. “But this is now gone. I think more and more, operators are trying to find companies that specialise. It is modern practice to choose specific elements from different providers.

“What we try to achieve is mainly to specialise in the sports betting solution, because we have seen companies that try to cover the whole spectrum of tools and do everything without much success. Losing focus is probably not such a good idea, whereas on the other hand focusing on specific items works much better.”

He went on to indicate that SVL had moved to the Altenar sportsbook in Jamaica in 2019 because the previous provider of the network had “missed the train of modernisation” before adding that sports betting in Jamaica is a lead in the country’s existing lottery sector.

“The Jamaican product is a lead to lottery – for us a key project that we pay a lot of attention to,” he explained. “It is a fantastic market, not a big volume but one with a great profit.”

Stranomotis also discussed the diverse spread of new customers in his company, from setting the standard with Wplay in Colombia to entering other emerging territories throughout Latin America, launching with Lottoland and serving new customers in both Italy and Sweden.

He said: “It’s a big mistake if, for example, someone believes that Colombia and Peru are the same thing. Brazil is also different to the extent that you need a different approach overall. Argentina is waiting for licences and no-one knows what will happen.

“Every country is different, but eventually, sometimes it is important to find the right people. It’s not necessarily about nationality, but more the mentality. If you find the right people to work with, sometimes the country is irrelevant.”