All-in Diversity Project’s #OpenDoors campaign Sponsored By Pronet Gaming

Pronet Gaming, the gaming platform provider has become a leading corporate sponsor of the social media campaign #OpenDoors of the All-in Diversity Project, contributing to a new scholarship fund.

Reinforcing its commitment to inclusivity, the broad-based campaign’s theme is to raise awareness of the role of activism in professional growth, endorsing the ongoing initiative of the All-in Diversity Project to benchmark diversity, equity and inclusion in the sectors of betting and gaming.

Variety of campaign supporters

This year, Pronet Gaming is among a variety of campaign supporters for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas International Gaming Institute and the University of Nevada, Reno College of Business and Extended Studies’ Executive Development Program, which will finance at least two scholarships for future leaders from under-represented communities.

The social media campaign #OpenDoors is intended to accept the fact that careers are formed by the support of others and to give thanks for that assistance by opening the door for anyone else who may need it.

Paying-it-forward cause

Sunkiran Boyal, Pronet Gaming’s HR lead, commenting on the sponsorship, said: “We believe our most powerful and respected asset to be our people. We are proud to value diversity in all its forms and encourage a culture of collaboration by respectfully bringing together people with various experiences, opinions, backgrounds, beliefs and preferences to share one vision of success.

“Being able to support such a great initiative as the All-In Diversity Project’s #OpenDoors campaign is a genuine pleasure. The fact that we get to have even a small impact on someone’s development – and also just to help champion this paying-it-forward cause – is something in which we just had to get involved.”