Alfastreet Signs Deal With Patir For VIP Chair Launch

Alfastreet, the market pioneer in the electronic table games category, has signed an agreement with Patir to launch the VIP chair of Alfastreet.

In order to be able to have just the right chair for each of its many different products, Alfastreet has been cooperating with many reputable chair manufacturers, with the latest one being extra special.

With supreme comfort and many additional features such as electrical change, chilled or heated glass holder, food tray, wireless charger and more, the Alfastreet VIP chair is specially built.

Best on the market

Alfastreet had to genuinely deliver the best on the market in order to be able to effectively sell such a commodity, as anything less would be easily ignored by the most demanding clients. For that reason, the Slovenian company has signed a partnership with PATIR.

In the world of chairs, Patir is a very popular business and many prestigious casinos around the world have acknowledged its consistency by being exclusive to their goods.

The team of Alfastreet is very proud to bring this deal together and they are more than excited to promote this product with its customers and install it. Anyone who wanted to show their best players gratitude and ensure that during their gaming session they are 100 percent comfortable and rested will have to look for a product like the Alfastreet VIP chair.