Alex Donohue Forms New Press Box PR Firm

The former head of Ladbrokes News, Alex Donohue, has founded a new public relations firm that will concentrate on providing digital SEO PR and responsible gambling communications.

Until launching Press Box PR, Donohue had previously spent seven years at Ladbrokes, also meeting the media obligations of the Magic Sign in Westminster and beyond until joining LADbible social media giants to head up their betting and gaming venture, ODDSbible.

Donohue said in statement on the launch: “Betting PR used to be about ribbons on trophies, chalkboards on telly and spinning great yarns. There’s no reason why in today’s environment, that experience associated with driving positive consumer coverage for the sector can’t be applied to win the prizes most valued in 2020 – namely topping search results, staying responsible and speaking with precision to those who enjoy the entertainment value of engaging with betting brands.

“What’s left of traditional sponsorship activation, above the line advertising and social media best practice has had to adapt rapidly and whilst it may seem like a strange time to launch a business that communicates on behalf of betting and gaming via live sport, there’s more of a requirement than ever for the sector to use effective public relations and communications to conquer number of critical commercial and reputational challenges.

“In an age where operator, affiliate and publisher output overlaps more and more, solid journalism experience is becoming increasingly more valuable to the sector as it becomes apparent those who like a bet are more likely than ever to be acquired through a search-based and editorial channels than having been exposed to traditional means of advertising.”

The new agency will consist of former Fleet Street editors, reporters and producers with expertise from a range of media outlets such as the Sun, Independent, The Mirror, The Express & Daily Star, BT Sport & Amazon, with Fred Nathan and Jack Watson leading the agency’s media relations function.

With the global pandemic proving to be a threat for the sports industry, Press Box PR ads offered pro-bono funding to industry charitable campaigns including the # StayINtertoCup initiative from Swipe App, raising money for NHS charities.