ALEARA Urges Reopening Of Buenos Aires’ Online Gaming

Argentina’s Gambling Workers Union (ALEARA) has made a public proposal for the opening of the online gambling industry in the city of Buenos Aires to lawmakers. This move follows the approval at the end of September of a new set of measures, paving the way for stable regulation in the capital city.

Ariel Fassione, Secretary of the ALEARA union, said that since there is no actual date for the reopening of the land-based casinos, and despite the fact that the Puerto Madero Casino and the Palermo racetrack already have an approved protocol, they are currently “in a situation of uncertainty which puts us on the verge of losing our salaries.”

He added: “As long as gambling rooms remain closed due to the pandemic, we need companies to get revenue so we can keep our salaries, as we’ve had no activity for the past seven months.”

In addition, Fassione clarified that 75 percent of their wages have been earned by employees in the gambling sector since April, thanks to an agreement signed by the Government, the General Labor Confederation (CGT) and other bodies. The corporations pay the remaining 25 percent.

The Legislature of the city of Buenos Aires adopted new changes to the existing online gaming law in the last week of September to allow land-based casino operators to engage in the process and apply for an online licence. They have also approved a law that provides a “clean record” clause, removing prosecuted individuals from the offer or in court for serious crimes.

“The legislature has already debated this, which was exactly what ALEARA asked at the time to increase transparency in the industry, and that’s why we urge the Lotería de la Ciudad (LOTBA — the gambling regulator) to implement [these measures] and open the market,” said Fassione.