AIDP To Hold ‘Power Hour’ On Racism And Equality

Industry workplace diversity and inclusion All-in Diversity Project (AIDP), non-profit organisation will hold the first ‘Power Hour’ today, June 25 (17:00 hrs BST), addressing the influential subject of racism, equality and representation.

AIDP ‘s Power Hour sessions are a weekly open ‘off the record’ forum for all business (junior-to-executive) staff to express their thoughts, questions and perspectives on the beliefs and social complexities of the sector.

Hosted via Zoom, the first AIDP Power Hour will address the dynamic issue of betting and gaming race-relations and how the industry’s incumbents are increasing their workplace representation.

Co-founder Christina Thakor-Rankin explained: “In previous years we’ve focused on gender and LGBTQ+. 2020 was always going to be the year that we broached the incredibly sensitive subject of race – we just never imagined for a moment that it would be against a backdrop of one of the most horrific events we’ve ever witnessed.”

Following global protests over the death of George Floyd led by the Black Live Matter movement, equal opportunity and fair representation have risen to the top of all corporate leadership agendas.

Thakor-Rankin explained why not all industry stakeholders should hide from debating sensitive and divisive issues: “The Power Hour marks the start of what we hope will be a series of conversations looking at race across a number of areas – not just culture and recruitment, but marketing, products and docile responsibility.

“We hope that anyone who has something to share, wants to learn a new perspective or cares to listen will join this conversation.”