AGEM And GLI Make Substantial Native American Veterans Memorial Donation

The Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM) and Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), have contributed $120,000 to the new National Native American Veterans Memorial of the American Indian National Museum.

The donation is part of the pair’s Lasting Impact Philanthropic Initiative, which launched in June 2019 and aims to work across the gaming industry and beyond to create a ‘lasting impact.’

Marcus Prater, AGEM executive director said: “AGEM enthusiastically joins our philanthropic partner GLI and Tribal gaming interests across the country in supporting this important new addition to the National Mall for all the world to experience when they visit Washington.

“All veterans who have served our country deserve proper recognition and this memorial celebrates the important role Native American veterans have played in defending our country and giving us the freedoms we enjoy today.”

The National Native American Veterans Memorial is part of the collection of the Smithsonian Museum, which is celebrating its opening today with a virtual programme.

The memorial will commemorate American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian veterans and symbolise the country’s appreciation for the service and patriotism of Native Americans, located on the National Mall, a location that attracts almost 24 million visitors annually.

James Maida, GLI president and CEO, explained: “We are proud to contribute to this important, poignant, and lasting memorial that will be a permanent reminder on The National Mall of the commitment Native American veterans, their families, and governments have made to the United States.

“Per capita, for decades, Native Americans have had the highest percentage of representation in the military, 1.7 per cent of total troops both enlisted and officer, even though overall they represent only 1.4 per cent of the total U.S. population, a statistic which is a source of great pride to tribal members and tribal governments.

“The National Museum of the American Indian does tremendous work bringing awareness to the non-Native community about the history and contributions of Native Americans. This memorial represents yet another important contribution.

“GLI is honoured to be a part of the National Native American Veterans Memorial representing respect and recognition to Native American veterans and their commitment to their country.”