AgeChecked Collaborates With Rdentify

AgeChecked and Rdentify are to unify software and AI capabilities for igaming operators to improve ‘identifying vulnerable customers’.

Online ID verification specialist AgeChecked will collaborate with igaming risk management software provider Rdentify to create new robust instruments to track customer engagements by creating a new alliance.

Vulnerable consumers

The partnership will see AgeChecked and Rdentify share technology and engineering expertise to enhance the productivity of online gambling operators in finding vulnerable consumers participating in their services.

AgeChecked and Rdentify confirmed the partnership and claimed that all essential components of a customer’s journey are covered by the two companies’ joint experience in ID verification, customer risk assessment and CRM.

Daniel Brookes, CEO of Rdentify, noted that the relationship with AgeChecked was created at a crucial time for the online gambling industry as enforcement and customer service were put at the forefront of the 2005 Gambling Act review by the government.

He said: “Since 2017 in the UK, remote operators have been fined more than £63.5m by the UK Gambling Commission for social responsibility failings.

“Operators rely solely on customer support agents to recognise the signs of problem gambling during their live chat interactions. Globally, the iGaming industry is highly regulated and fast-growing, with a strong focus on player protection.

“Rdentify provides a scalable natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning-based engine which flags end-user vulnerability risk during live chat interactions.”

Earlier customer at-risk interventions

AgeChecked and Rdentify will see main focus areas focusing on improving machine-learning algorithms and modules to provide customer service teams with earlier customer at-risk interventions.

In addition, the collaboration will concentrate on providing productive instruments for igaming teams that can solve the nuances of finding at-risk clients across multiple markets.

Alastair Graham, AgeChecked’s Founder and CEO, said: “The issue of Responsible Gambling has never been more important, so we are delighted to partner with Rdentify in offering a holistic solution for operators.

“Combining AgeChecked’s cutting-edge age verification software with Rdentify’s live chat monitoring, our solution can ensure full compliance across every stage of the customer journey. 

“We are committed to reducing gambling-related harm and helping operators obtain and maintain their regulatory compliance. We see innovative technological solutions such as those employed by Rdentify as being key in the fight against problem gambling.”