AffiliateINSIDER Co-Founder Takes Sole Ownership Of Brand

AffiliateINSIDER and SBC have announced that, after agreeing to an arrangement with SBC to purchase its half of the company, AffiliateINSIDER co-founder Lee-Ann Johnstone is taking sole ownership.

Originally launched as a joint venture with SBC, AffiliateINSIDER was established to help the industry respond to a series of rapid changes in affiliate and digital marketing. Alongside SBC ‘s growing portfolio of B2B events and media, the partnership offered expert content and affiliate insights.

Since then, AffiliateINSIDER has evolved into a stand-alone offering to provide all operators, suppliers and affiliates with resources and support designed to drive stronger business cooperation and help enhance the results of affiliate and digital marketing. The business provides a number of tailored lead programmes, including executive training for affiliate managers, affiliate programme management for new and established operator brands, and provides iGaming professionals with the latest news and expert perspectives within the affiliate and digital marketing arena.

This acquisition gives Johnstone 100 percent ownership after three years of partnership to further grow the brand and services of AffiliateINSIDER independently, enabling the company to concentrate on affiliate and digital marketing services for brands who want to amplify their success within this fast-paced industry.

In exchange, SBC will continue to partner with AffiliateINSIDER to provide high-quality conference and exhibition content at events such as the SBC Summit, Betting on Sports Europe and the CasinoBeats Summit, as well as the latest news and trends in the world of gambling through its media website network.

CEO Lee-Ann Johnstone of AffiliateINSIDER said: “We’ve had a robust and fruitful partnership these past few years working in close collaboration with SBC as AffiliateINSIDER established itself. We are now poised to move forward as an industry leading content hub, agency and specialist training partner for brands who want to maximise their delivery in Affiliate Marketing and we’ve worked hard to build a strong community around our brand as a trusted service provider.”

SBC CEO Rasmus Sojmark commented: “As a co-founder of AffiliateINSIDER I am excited to see where the company will go under its new ownership structure. It’s been a pleasure to work with someone of Lee-Ann’s quality on this project and we still plan to work closely on a number of initiatives over the next few years.

“As a key part of the gaming industry, SBC will continue to integrate affiliate marketing into SBC’s events as well as providing the media coverage across our news sites. We look forward to having AffiliateINSIDER, and Lee-Ann as a thought leader in the industry, as an important element of our plans in this area.”

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