AFE And Ciudadanos Aim To Feature Female Footballers On Quiniela Coupons

The Professional Footballers Association of Spain (AFE) is working with centre-right political party’ Ciudadanos’ (Citizens) to revamp the’ Quiniela’ (pools) of Spanish football by enhancing coupons featuring women’s football matches.

The collaborative project aims to present a draft proposal to Congress that will introduce the Liga Futbol Femenino (LFF)’ Primera Iberdrola’ matches, Spain’s top tier of professional football for women, to Quiniela matchday coupons.

The joint plan would mark the most significant change to the matchday structure of the Quiniela since its introduction in 1946, in which Quiniela coupons have only listed matches for the La Liga and Segunda division matches in Spain to date.

Ciudadanos’ leadership will need support from the PSOE-Podemos coalition government for its proposal, having seen its congressional representation plummet to 10-seats after a turbulent 2019 during which Spain featured two consecutive General Elections.

Cross-party support will be required to change the format of Quiniela, as the pools product is operated by the Ministry of Finance reporting agency of the federal lotteries of Spain.

Meanwhile, the AFE reports that the adoption of a collective agreement which will benefit all female football stakeholders has begun negotiations with LFF governance.

AFE and Ciudadanos insist that funds raised by a new Quiniela would be distributed to the individual provinces of Spain, raising money on formative level for women’s football.

The AFE detailed in a statement: “This initiative aims at the growth of women’s football in Spain, which is currently in full negotiations to address a collective agreement and professionalise it.”