ActiveWin Unveils New Auditing Service During COVID Lockdown

ActiveWin’s marketing department unveiled its new ‘auditing service’ to help betting and disregard incumbents handle COVID-19 disruptions.

The free service will examine the core functionalities of PPC marketing and player development, display ads, SEO, social media, and CRM.

Operating a team of + 140 committed experts in the acquisition and maintenance of online gaming skills, ActiveWin emphasises that it can provide the most detailed and reliable audits for industry operators.

ActiveWin marketing director Mark Baker said at the launch of the service: “Digital engagement is now critical for the survival of betting sites. Since we offer a full suite of digital options, we can share expertise beyond PPC and affiliate marketing.

“Our speciality is multi-channel campaigns that work in conjunction with each other for acquisition and retention, taking a holistic approach to how a brand performs across all player touchpoints. In-house experts execute the majority of our work instead of relying on automated third-party services to make strategic decisions, so if brands glean even a small advantage from our advice, we consider it a win.”

Following the launch of its auditing service, ActiveWin announces that it has temporarily suspended PPC management fees for a period of one month, and will further reduce its agency costs for all new clients, minimising the existing global lockdown era’s economic burden.

ActiveWin agency clients have been working since 2013 and include Betfred, BuckyBingo, Wigan Warriors and MoneyPlus Group.

Warren Jacobs of ActiveWin MD added: “Our initial priority was to do everything we possibly could for our brand partners like Betfred and Kerching once the lockdown hit. Immediately, we collaborated with clients to support them in every way we could. My team has executed the strategies beautifully, and we are on stable ground.

“Once we had steadied the ship for clients, we decided to look outwards at ways to help the industry with the resources we have available, and leverage the four-decades of experience that my senior team has accrued in e-gaming. So we will highlight gaps in media bidding strategies that burn through spend and find better ways to optimise campaigns to put brands in a much stronger position when the crisis finally lifts.”