888 Form ESG Commitee For CSR Duties Headed By Lord Mendelsohn

The FTSE250 online gambling group’s board of directors has created a new ‘Environment, Social and Governance’ (ESG) committee to help organise and guide the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) duties and objectives.

Lord Jon Mendelsohn, 888’s incoming non-executive Chairman, will head the ESG Committee. He will take over the firm’s corporate governance responsibilities in May.

Lord Mendelsohn is a high-profile appointment who served as a strategic policy advisor to Prime Minister Tony Blair’s New Labour government from 1997 to 2007. He was appointed to succeed Brian Mattingley, the company’s long-serving former chairman.

888 governance had previously told investors that the company would continue to enhance its CSR processes and supervision in order to help the company boost its relationship with broader stakeholders as it grows within controlled markets, after declaring record trading results in 2020.

Group strategy and decision making

In 888’s statement, Lord Mendelsohn detailed: “As a Board, we are committed to ensuring that issues such as safer gambling, the climate change agenda, diversity and inclusion, and community engagement are consistently incorporated into the Group’s strategy and decision making.

“The creation of this Committee demonstrates 888’s firm commitment to continuous ESG improvements and ensuring sustainable and ethical best practice across the Group’s activities.”

888 announced that senior independent director Anne de Kerckhove and non-executive director Mark Summerfield would also serve on the current ESG Committee, indicating their support for Lord Mendelsohn.

The committee will provide board-level oversight of 888’s ESG plan, priorities, and progress against key performance metrics once it has been developed.