7 Oceans Slot

7 Oceans slot is a unique game that takes you on an adventure deep under the sea. It is among the simple creations of Microgaming, like Adventure Palace, and if you are interested in simple slot games, then 7 Oceans is an ideal slot game for you.

It has a variety of rewarding symbols with huge payouts, such as the different coloured 7s. These have the potential to give you the highest win on the slot game of up to 4000 coins when they form a winning combination on your reels.

In addition to that, the 7 Oceans slot game has a favourable return to player percentage that boosts your winning chances. Plus, medium volatility balances your jackpot sizes and winning chances, making the slot game worth your play.

We bring you all you need to know about the 7 Oceans slot game before joining the adventurous spinning action.

About 7 Oceans Slot Game

7 Oceans slot is an aqua-themed slot game with retro game symbols and a general thematic setting. It has vintage calibre reels placed deep under the sea where you have to dive and spin them.

Moreover, the game’s screen shows a decorated ocean floor with bright corals, clownfish, starfish, plus other tropical fish types swimming around the blue waters. These boost the deepwater experience as you play the slot game.

Not only that, but the ocean bedded scene and the 2 dimension symbols are also displayed with plenty of colours and bold clarity. This gives them a vibrant look that is attractive to your eyes and captures your attention fast.

7 Oceans slot game has high-quality graphics that make the game clearly visible on any device of your choice, whether on desktop or handheld devices. It has a 3d effect as a result of the glared lighting used. 

It helps the slot game to compete with other 3D video slots in the industry favourably.

It also has simple background music that matches the aquatic theme. The simple music creates a diving environment as you spin the reels in the deep blue waters of the slot game.

How To Play 7 Oceans Slot Online

Playing the 7 Oceans slot game online is easy as you have a few simple basics you need to follow, and you are good you go. It doesn’t matter your experience, whether you are a new or returning player.

The main target on 7 Oceans is to land a symbol winning combination on your reels. The different symbols must land on your reels 3 or more times to give you a win.

First, you need to set your coin size by embracing the coin value button. It helps you choose an ideal coin size for your play within the given range by the slot game. It has positive and negative symbols. You use the positive symbol to increase the coin size and the negative symbol to reduce it.

You can also embrace the Bet One button. It allows you to select the number of coins you need, and it must be within the given coins range by the slot game. But you have a higher chance of winning when you use all the 3 coins for your gameplay.

Set your bet amount. You then have to use the bet button and place the amount you wish to bet per spin. Your chosen bet amount must be within the given bet limit by the slot game. But the more you bet, the more you earn if you get a winning combination.

You can also embrace the maximum bet button to stake the maximum bet on the slot game. This amazing button on the 7 Oceans slot game helps you to directly bet the highest option on the slot game. 

It saves you a lot of time because you click on this button instead of looking for the maximum bet, and it takes you directly.

After setting your desired, you can click on the spin button to set your reels in motion. This triggers your reels to start moving to reveal your luck when they rest. When the reels stop moving, you check and see whether you have any slot machine symbol combinations formed on them.

You can play the 7 Oceans classic slot game on both handheld devices and desktops. This is because the game is compatible with various handheld devices of different versions like iOS, Android, and windows. 

The mobile version gives you the same great experience as that of the desktop version.

You don’t have to download 7 oceans because it is available for instant play via your chosen browser or a dedicated casino app.

Interactive Features

7 Oceans online real money slot machine is a standard game and doesn’t have any interactive features for your gameplay.

All you have to concentrate on is earning winning combinations of various wild symbols, scatter symbols on your reels to earn their value.

It only rewards you on its symbols, but it doesn’t have bonus games, free spins feature, respins feature, and other rewarding features.

Progressive Jackpot

This amazing Microgaming jackpot slot game doesn’t have a progressive jackpot. It has a fixed maximum reward of 4000 coins, and you can’t win anything beyond it. 

To win 7 Ocean’s jackpot, you must bet the maximum amount and get the needed symbol combination on your reels of 3 red 7s.

When you bet the maximum option and land 3 red 7s on your reels, your stake is multiplied by the multiplier value of the red 7s. 

Bonus games 

This Microgaming slot is a standard game and doesn’t have any bonus games for you. But it gives you 13 winning combinations that help you secure a win on the slot game.

The good news is that many online casinos provide bonus games on 7 Oceans slot game. These are provided in various promotions like welcome bonuses plus the monthly and weekly offers.

The main aim is to attract you to play the slot game from the given casino because the industry is highly competitive. All you have to do is find an online casino with the best deals on the slot game.


7 Oceans classic 3-reel slot machine game has various rewarding symbols with amazing payouts for different players.

The most rewarding symbols on the real money slot game are the different coloured 7s. When you land 3 red 7s on your reels, you win 4000 coins, and it is the highest win.

The second rewarding symbols on 7 Oceans are the blue 7s, and when they land 3 times on your reels, they reward you with 1000 coins.

Moreover, there’s also the white 7s, and when they also appear on your reels 3 times, they give you 500 coins.  

The bars are the lowest paying symbols and can reward you between 6 to 90 coins. These include any bar, single bar, double bar, and triple bar.

What Symbols Trigger 7 Oceans Slot Bonus Free Spins?

7 Oceans is a classic game and doesn’t have any free spins feature for its players. First, you have to place your bet for every spin you make on the slot game.

However, various online casinos provide free spins on a slot game in their different promotions. 

So your task is to identify a particular casino offering free spins on 7 Oceans slot games like in the welcome bonuses, weekly and monthly promotions and take advantage of them.

Some online casinos offer you free spins on the 7 Oceans slot game upon registration on the site.

Paylines And Stakes

7 Oceans gaming slot has 3 reels and 1 pay line.

To win on this Microgaming slot, you need to earn three or more symbols on your reels that form a winning combination. For example, 3 or more red, blue, or white 7s, bar symbols.

The minimum coin per line is 1, and the maximum coins are 3. You choose the ideal number of coins for your gameplay.

More so, the maximum win on the slot game is 4000 coins after landing the needed symbol combination of 9 red sevens on your reels.

The maximum bet on 7 Oceans is 15 Euros, and the minimum bet is 0.25 Euros. To win big, you should consider the maximum bet.

Each of the symbols on the slot game has its own value, and if a particular symbol forms a winning combination on your reels, then its value is multiplied with your stake to get your win.

The premium symbols are the different coloured 7s, and the low-paying symbols on the slot are the bars.

The payout percentage of the slot game is 97%.

7 Oceans Slot Game Software

7 Oceans Slot game runs on Microgaming software. 

Microgaming is among the industry leaders in the online gaming industry. It is popular for supplying top-notch games with a favourable return to player percentages and high-quality graphics.

Microgaming has been in the industry since 1994 and has consistently maintained its position of being among the market leaders. It powers over 500 unique games available for both download and instant play, plus over 120 online casinos.

Some of the popular three-reel slot games powered by Microgaming include; PlayBoy, Beautiful Bones, Cricket Star, Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, Immortal Romance, and Burst The Bank, among others.

What Is 7 Oceans Slots RTP?

This Microgaming simple 3-reel slot machine game has a 97% return to player percentage. 

This is a high payout percentage for an online slot machines game and boosts your winning chances. 

It gives you a higher winning edge over that of the casino you choose to play the game from. The casino has a house edge of only 3%.

More Info

7 Oceans slot game’s 97% return to player percentage means that you earn 97 Euros for every 1 Euro you bet per spin.

If your target is big wins, then bet more per spin and earn more on the barebones slot game.

Slot Volatility

This wonderful 7 Ocean casino slot game has medium volatility. Your jackpot sizes and winning chances are balanced as they are neither big nor small.

Medium volatility makes your gameplay interesting because you have low chances of losing.

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7 Oceans is a simple vintage-style gaming slot with great sounds and crisp visuals. It gives you a simple spinning action, especially if you want something different from the usual busy video slot games with many features.

It has basic functionality and is less immersive than other newer releases in the online gaming industry. 7 Oceans slot game is available for play in various online casinos, and you have to choose one casino among the many to enjoy the game.  

This three-reel slot machine doesn’t have a wild, unlike this Ariana slot, and a scatter usually helps in substituting other symbols to complete a winning combination. 7 Oceans online fruit machine also lacks a free spins feature and a bonus feature, making it less rewarding than other slot games in the industry.

According to our review of the 7 Oceans slot game, we highly recommend it to you for a simple spinning action.

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