SoftSwiss Anti-Fraud Settles 70+ Cases Worth Over €370,000

SoftSwiss’ anti-fraud services have settled over 70 cases in the last nine months, resulting in a net refund of over €370,000.

These reports, according to SoftSwiss, show the provider’s “impartiality and objectivity in terms of operator/player conflict resolution” and “high levels of security and transparency in all SoftSwiss processes.”

SoftSwiss anti-fraud unit lead Anastasia Vyshinskaia said: “Our team is glad to be helping out such a large number of people and keeping it objective and honest every step of the way. 

“Cooperation with the Support Team of dozens of casinos as well as notifications from the providers helps us always detect and react timely.” 

SoftSwiss Managed Services, which also covers the Front Line Support and VIP & Retention departments, includes an anti-fraud service.

Operators may use the service to search for incentive misuse, check and block overlapping accounts, and investigate customer conflicts.

Since handling more than 1.25 million player requests in 2020, SoftSwiss’ first line support staff expanded financial benefit for its online casino clients last week.