NASCAR To Brings Supporters & Interested Wagers In-race Betting

NASCAR went all – in on gambling sports ahead of their Sin City playoff opener. The sport is planning to partner with various casinos to bring supporters and interested wagerers in-race betting.

It’s anticipated to start Sunday at select sportsbooks and will provide a restricted range of in-race bets including phase winners and outright winners. Most onshore books currently give only pre-race bets on winners, head-to-head matchups, group props, and futures. Now betters will have the chance to make a bet based on what’s going on in the race.

NASCAR betting’s fresh age is not restricted to Las Vegas alone. Starting Sunday, interested players will be able to engage as part of the in-race betting scheme in New York (Resorts World Catskills), Iowa (Q Casino) and Mississippi (Pearl River).

“In-race betting in particular can be 70-75% of all bets placed,” Scott Warfield, NASCAR’s managing director of gaming, told US Bets. “Something that gets fans to watch an extra 15, 30, 45 minutes is of real value. If someone has a prop bet on who will lead the most laps, that might postpone their mowing the lawn because they want to watch as many laps as possible. Every lap can be a [betting] opportunity.”

Over time, with a strong focus on the 2020 season, NASCAR intends to expand its in-play choices. Potential bets would include fastest lap times, number of lead modifications, and number of race-wide passes. NASCAR is labeling stage 1 of the procedure this weekend.

NASCAR partnered with the Genius Sports organisation in May, a company that stores information and gives it to books to generate betting lines. The business will play a main role in NASCAR’s integration of live betting.