5 Families Slot Review

Red Tigers famous 5 Families Slot game throws the player into a rich world of gangsters, mob bosses, and high stakes, similar to their Ancient Script slot. The mafia themes game draws its inspiration from the infamous five Crime Families of the New York mob scene. These families were the Columbo, Bonanno, Genovese, Gambino and Lucchese Families.

There is only one feature in this slot game. The layout consists of 5 reels and 3 rows with 10 fixed payline slots. The most attractive extra offered is the 5x Multiplier on all payouts if the player can land 5 or more winning spins in a row.

This will be a full, in-depth review of the 5 Families Slot game, made by Red Tigers.

About 5 Families Slot Game

5 Families Slot game is a Mafia-themed Slot game. The atmosphere is dark and gritty, and the colour scheme is gloomy. The background setting is a grim Gentleman’s Club. This setting gives an air of power and prestige that is elevated by the soft jazz music playing. The spinning gun barrel counting down the next bonus round at the top of the reels adds to the feeling that the player is genuinely in the Movie, The Godfather.

The reels are made up of 9 symbols. Each of the characters fits in with the mafia theme. These symbols in the order of their value are the gun, whiskey and bullets, poker chips, and a briefcase full of loot. These symbols are less valuable compared to the character symbols, which hold the highest values. The character symbols all resemble popular mobsters of pop culture, but the highest value character symbol is the one that resembles Al Capone awarding 20x your stage and a multiplier.

The overall aesthetics and themes blend well with the details of the game.

How to Play 5 Families Slot Online

5 Families Slot is available to play on all devices. This includes PCs, mobile phones, and tablets of both Apple and Android. The gameplay of 5 Families is easy to follow on whatever device it is being played on:

  • The Balance and Stake Buttons are found at the top and bottom left parts of the screen, respectively.
  • At the top right part of the screen, there is a three-lined menu option. This should provide the game details. The pay tables for all the symbols and win lines are included there.
  • Sound effects and other settings can also be found from this menu.
  • Auto spins can be controlled through the ‘auto’ button.
  • The game requires the player to set a loss limit for responsible playing. The option to select a win limit is also available.
  • Jackpots are located on the left-hand side of the screen. You need to land at least 3 jackpots in a spin to win the 5 Families jackpot feature.
  • Turbo Spin Mode can be switched on via the golden double arrow keys beside the spin button. These two buttons are on the right side of the screen.
  • The player can place bets ranging from 10 pence to 5000 pounds per spin by selecting the stake button.

Interactive Features

Below are some of the interactive features of 5 Families Slot game

Progressive jackpots – The jackpot symbols are located on the right side of the screen. A player needs to land at least 3 jackpot symbols in the same spin to trigger the 5Families jackpot feature. This leads them to a Wheel of Fortune that they will spin to reveal the 3 jackpot prizes they will receive. The size of jackpot symbols on the Wheel of Fortune does no correlate with the odds of winning any of the jackpots. Instead, the chance of winning each Jackpot increases with the player’s bet level. The 3 tiers of jackpots available are:

  • Must Drop Jackpot – this seeds at €100 and must be won before it reaches €1,000.
  • Daily Drop Jackpot – this seeds at €1,000 and is won within a given time every day.
  • Mega Drop Jackpot – this seeds at €20,000 and will increase with no upper limit until it’s won.

Bonus games – Red Tiger has not offered much in terms of bonus features in the 5 Families slot game. The slot does not include any of the usual Wild Symbol or Scatter Symbols or special bonus rounds. This Lack of Bonuses might deter some players. The only bonus feature on the 5 Families slot is the VIP Room Feature. A revolver above showcases its empty 5 chambers. Bullets are collected by landing winning combinations, and each bullet goes to fill this chamber. The chamber resets every time the player makes a non-winning spin. This means that I can only be filled by landing 5 Consecutive Winning Spins. When this is done, the VIP Room Feature is opened. Every symbol then values 5x higher than usual, and each spin costs one of the 5 bullets in the chamber.

Here, each winning spin resets the chamber back to 5 bullets, so a player exits the VIP Room if they land Consecutive 5 Non-Winning Spins.

What Symbol Triggers 5 Families Slot Bonus Free Spins?

Unfortunately, 5 Families does not offer any free bonus spins options. The VIP Room Feature and its Multipliers are the only features the game has to boast of. There is no Rewarding Symbol to grant players bonuses. This is an unusual choice to make for an Online Slots game, especially considering the competitive market.

This lack of bonuses for people will turn some players off from this game in online casinos. It is a questionable decision made by Red Tiger.

Paylines and Stakes

The maximum bet a player can make is 5000 pounds, while the minimum is 10 pence.

There are 10 fixed paylines in the game.

5 Families Slot Game Software

Red Tiger Gaming powers 5 Families slots. Red Tiger was formed in 2014, and are known for games such as 4Squad among others. They develop casino games in Europe and Asia.

What is 5 Families Slots RTP? 

  • The RTP for 5 Families is 95.71%.
  • The most a player can win from a single spin is 1000x their total stake.

Slot Volatility

5 Families has a medium variance which means it will give out wins fairly frequently.


  • 5 Families is a very simple and straightforward but adequately satisfying slot game. The gameplay is easy to follow and absorb. After a slot game with more involved gameplay, this is not the slot for you.
  • The theme, design, and graphics are very interactive and intriguing to the players. The music and graphics of this Slot Machine are superb and some of the best. Based on the 5 criminal families that reportedly held control over New York City, the game title and theme are very engaging and entertaining. Sounds and scenes are used very well to immerse the player into the game.
  • Shockingly, the game does not include more bonuses or even a Wilds Symbol. The lack of features makes the gameplay a bit dull. The only thing players have to look forward to is filling the chamber with bullets. Though the VIP Room reward is up to 100x multiplier on the highest character symbol, it is not enough to keep a player interested on its own.