4Squad Slot

4Squad Slot is a casino game you can play on your mobile desktop and mobile devices. It is produced by Red Tiger Gaming, like the fantastic Bounty Raid slot, so you’re sure to experience the best. This is a superhero-themed game inspired by Marvels’ Fantastic Four and has a cartoonish visual style that draws the eye. The design of this slot is impressive, and 4Squad looks like a team of superheroes made by Marvel. If you’re a fan of Marvel Superheroes, you’re going to love this Slot. It has a quartet of heroes, each with its personality and powers, providing different perks as you spin the reels. The superheroes look cool when they get to shine as their respective reel modifier is triggered. This is a result of the bonus meters above the reels. It is played on 7 columns and 6 rows grid and uses a Cluster Pays mechanic.

The game offers exciting winning potential and a wide betting range, allowing players to stake between a minimum of 0.20 coins to 100 coins per spin. There is plenty of action in the base game and players get to land a decent payout from at least 2 – 3 superheroes combine.

About 4Squad Slot Game

The 4Squad slot is a complete superhero theme slot game. It features 5 superheroes (Quake, Strike, Burst, and Beam), with a city setting featuring skyscrapers as it’s the background image. Like all Red Tiger Gaming Slots, 4Squad Slot was made with HTML5 technology which makes it playable from 10p a spin on all devices both android and Apple. Played on a 7 x 6 grid, it looks better on PC and Laptop screens, and good enough on smartphones for players to have a great time. The game offers up exciting winning potential and betting range from 0.20 coins to 100 coins per spin, which makes it great for both high rollers and penny slots players.

4squad slot has an RTP of 95.72%, with a wide variety of bonuses for players to win. A combination of all 4 superhero features gives 1 free spin for players. Each superhero has a bonus feature which includes cloning symbols, wild symbol swaps, and random multipliers. The symbols include low value and futuristic spade, diamond, heart and club symbols. The 4Squad logo which is represented by a golden fist is the most rewarding symbol, as 20 or more on the 7 columns and 6 rows grid will result in a 50x stake payout for the player.

Although 4Squad has med volatility, it is very playable and entertaining with pleasantly smooth and fast-paced gameplay.

How to Play 4squad Slots Online

4Squad Slot is a very straightforward game to play and very easy for those new to gambling to pick up. The first thing you can do is to click “pays” on the navigation bar. This takes you to the paytable, where you can see how much each symbol is worth. All the different superhero bonus features are also briefly explained here, and players can quickly get a feeling for what the game is about. This is Red Tiger Gaming’s version of the grid slot. It is captivating, thrilling and it gives players cluster pays and avalanching reels that are filled with heroic features. This means that every single win explodes and more tumbles down from the top. In this cluster-based online slot, winning combinations are created when players land matching symbols in a group. These clusters of symbols must touch horizontally or vertically in sets of 5.

Players have 5 high-paying symbols with the heroes’ faces, and four low-paying symbols in the colours of the heroes.  Players will need between 5 and 20 symbols in a cluster to win. Below is the payable for the 4Squad slot:

  • Royal symbols pay between 4.5x and 3x for 20+ in a cluster
  • Quake (green color) pays 5.3x for 20+ cluster
  • Strike (blue) pays 6x for 20+ in a cluster
  • Burst (red) pays about 8.1x for 20+ in a cluster
  • Beam (yellow) pays about 9x for 20+ in a cluster
  • Power fist pays about 50x for 20+ in a cluster

The power fist is the most generous of the symbols, providing a payout of 50x your stake when 20 or more symbols land on the reels.

4Squad Slot Interactive Features

There are a couple of great features that you’ll expect from a Red Tiger Gaming slot, and the 4Squad Slot does not fail at that. It offers amazing features that are attractive for professional gamblers or those trying out their luck in gambling. These features are listed below and talked about in detail. 

  • Cluster Pay –This Red Tiger Gaming version of a grid slot, operates a cluster pay, which means that players get paid when 5 symbols touch or more and avalanching reels.
  • Cascading Wins – This feature makes sure players enjoy plenty of actions in the base game. Players often see at least 2 or 3 superheroes combine their efforts to land them a decent payout.
  • Tumbling Reels mechanics – This feature allows for new waves of symbols to flow down from the top after there has been a cluster of 5 symbols in a single spin.
  • Theme and Design – It is a superhero theme with characters you don’t find in any comic book or movie. The graphics design and effect of these superheroes are compelling and exciting. This is an incentive for players who are a fan of comics and superheroes.

How to Trigger 4Squad Slot Bonus Free Spins

Players can trigger 4Squad slot bonus free spins by filling all 4 superhero meters in the same round. This bonus round is called Superhero Mode. This removes all low-value symbols and applies all four modifiers.

4Squad Max Paylines and Stakes

Like every other slot, the 4Squad slot has its unique pay lines and stakes. 4Squad slot operates cluster pay lines. This influences the maximum win a player can get from a 4Squad spin, which is 1,279.2 times is a stake. The stake amount allowed ranges from 0.20- 100 coins per spin. To win this, the player will need to have a random feature from the superhero Beam to reach 10x. Although there are plenty of other winning opportunities from other superhero features.

4Squad Slot Game Software

4Squad slot game software is no other than Red Tiger Gaming that has a reputation for developing great casino games and slots.

What is 4Squad Slots RTP?

The RTP of 4Squad Slot is 95.72%. Although this is low for an online slot and gives you back £95.72 back on average for every £100 you play. And that’s the problem. You can go a whole load of spins with nothing happening, and then when it does, you need to get huge clusters, or 10x multipliers, to get anywhere over 100x your bet. Players still try out 4Squad slots because of its interactive interface and simple rules required to play.

4Squad Slot Volatility

4Squad slot operates on a medium variance. So, when players bankroll their account, this should last a long time as they’ll get a winning cluster quite frequently.     


  • 4Squad slot looks great and exciting to play. With its simple rules, it’s the best slot for beginners in gambling to start with. It comes with a free demo player for beginners to try out without losing any funds. Although players may not be familiar with the superheroes that are displayed on its reels, the game still offers a lot of action and fun.
  • The theme has been well utilized, where the superheroes’ modifiers work best when they are all firing together. The game could do better with better RTP and payouts than 1,279x, which players feel are not enough.
  • The game interface and graphics visual are top-notch, and the superheroes theme is a great incentive for players. As players love to see how many superhero meters they can fill, as they climb towards the bonus round. If you’re looking for a less volatile cluster pays slot, then you might need to give the 4Squad slot a tryout.