42% Of Gambling Website Traffic Comes From Referral Traffic

A new study has revealed that referral traffic accounted for 42% of all online gambling website visits from August 2018 to July 2019.

Direct traffic was the primary source. According to the technology and analytics provider SEMrush, this accounted for 47% of the total. Online searching accounted for 11.4%, followed by 0.7% of social media and 0.3% of visits paid.

The new study also found that about 62% of the total web traffic on gambling sites is accounted for by 10 countries, with the US leading by about 10%. This is followed by 8%t from Brazil and then around 6% from Japan, the UK and Ukraine.

Other traffic-sharing countries ranging from 4% to 6% included Mexico, Turkey, South Africa, Germany, and Russia.

The research also showed that non-branded keywords produce more traffic than branded items, while one of the most searched gambling-related queries was the question “is gambling a sin?”

The average monthly amount ranged from one million to nine million searches for the 12 most popular keywords in the online gambling industry. Among the advertised keywords, there were 7.3 million, 6.9 million and 3.3 million searches every month, respectively, for’ powerball,” mega million’ and’ Florida lottery.’

Nevertheless, with 9.1 million, 5.7 million and 4.1 million average monthly searches, it was found that’ lotto,’ ‘lotto performance’ and ‘lottery’ were in the top three non-branded keywords class. Other popular search keywords are ones like ‘mega,’ ‘mega million results,’ ‘michigan lottery,’ ‘pa lottery,’ ‘powerball results,’ ‘nc lottery’ and ‘poker.’


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