Spain Bans Betting On Sports Involving Minors

The Spanish Gambling regulator, otherwise known as the DGOJ, has introduced the betting operators in the country with a new directive. It is a prohibition of offering opportunities for betting on events where participants are under the age of 18. The move is intended to combat addictive behaviour, fraud and safeguard minors while protecting participants freedoms. The directive was established after research by the regulator found that 5.45% of the sporting events consumers bet on had minors as participants.. When the fresh directives will be put into effect, it is not yet known. However, as quickly as they are published in the official state gazette, it would seem, and there is still no timeline on that.

Spain sports betting and Bingo

For more than three centuries, gambling has been legal in Spain until the formal Spanish gambling law. It controls all betting at fixed rates, team sports, and even bets on horse racing. It also covers the raffles, races and other combination sports. The law says nothing about live betting, which implies that they are not technically permitted. Live betting and bingo(online bingo) take place and are operated in some societies with the understanding of the police. The regulator asserted that the directive prohibiting betting on minors was based on minors interests for several reasons. A separation must be made between the underage and the betting sector in order to prevent the innocent being trivialised. The regulator also wished to make sure that children’s involvement in sports is healthy. This would be without leaving them susceptible to third party interests.

The new national commission

It’s a timely ban, given a domestic commission was set up by the government to monitor fraud and match fixing. Although it’s young, the government has shown that the committee will begin with suggestions to create plans. These relate to identifying and fighting illegal betting operations as a whole. The committee will consist of representatives of the DGOJ, the civil guard, the police and the Higher Sports Council. Members will work to formulate a plan to create a strategy to combat operations involving any illegal activities. The body shall be chaired by the General Sports Directorate and the head of the gambling regulator on a rotating basis.

Concern for minors

The amount of under-age games staked for football in 2018 was nearly 900 with basketball being 474. After considering the outcomes, the DGOJ relayed incidents with minors at danger of the same manipulation experienced by others. The regulator thinks that, due to their intrinsic vulnerability, underage athletes were at danger of manipulation. Several goals were set during the legislative update. The goal is not only to safeguard the under-aged, but also to fight against addiction.

The establishment of the new domestic committee should be the warning to prevent betting on minors rather than the directive. It seems that the Spanish government is preparing an offensive against the betting industry. The domestic committee is the vehicle for this objective, which is to fully control the betting sector. It would seem that the DGOJ is viewed in its job as ineffective and hence the commission’s initiative. In the next few years, the industry is about to undergo very rigorous steps. The directives will soon be on specific gambling elements such as internet platform fraud and problem gamblers.