Illegal Underground Gambling Operation Thwarted In Phoenix Arizona

Tom’s Amusement was halted by authorities, after being found to beĀ an illegal underground gambling operation in Phoenix, Arizona.

The inquiries into Tom’s Amusement, otherwise known as Tom’s Warehouse, started in March 2019, according to the Arizona Department of Gaming (ADG).

The list of items recovered included seven video poker gaming devices, six ATM kiosks and $7,000 in cash during searches.

Six people were arrested, interviewed but later released pending charges, allegedly involved in the operation.

The ADG will pursue charges involving money laundering, gambling equipment possession, selling of dangerous drugs, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Ted Vogt, ADG Director, said: “The Arizona Department of Gaming takes its duty to enforce the gambling laws in our state seriously.

“We appreciate our ongoing partnerships with the Phoenix Police Department and the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office in our efforts to stop illegal gambling and its associated crimes.”

Arizona is one of the most prohibitive gaming states in the US, although several tribal operators are operating casinos under state compacts.