2020 To Be Instrumental In Shaping Swintt’s Future

Lauded as “the ultimate in-game promotional product” casino games provider Swintt unveiled earlier this year a widget-based gamification suite to drive increased and faster growth across target markets operators.

Combined with a variety of engagement tools such as tournaments, achievements and cross-game missions, SwinttGamify intends to give player engagement and retention a significant boost.

David Flynn, Swintt’s CEO, explained in his introduction: “The power and flexibility of SwinttGamify to offer both players and operators engaging functions has led to much hype around the product.

“Within the game window players are in full control of their own achievements and rewards, can access tournaments and, in future, enjoy meta-games built on top of our game infrastructure, which are not available in today’s market.

“From an operator perspective our robust back end offers new insights into player behaviours, trends and activity that can help build more effective CRM strategies. We see the entire SwinttGamify product as a continuously developing force that will become industry leading.”

Gamification tools are becoming increasingly important across the industry, and Flynn has moved on to address the importance of delivering an offer that goes beyond traditional betting and winning games: “The modern player has more entertainment options than ever before, so it’s vital to make sure you have a product worthy of their attention.

“Not only is there fierce competition in the casino lobby and from other verticals, but also from new apps, streaming services and video games, so being able to enhance a slots portfolio through gamification elements helps us to deliver extra entertainment value to our players and remain ahead of the curve.

“As igaming becomes more mainstream, and less VIP focused, entertainment value becomes so much more important. This is what we are aiming to achieve with SwinttGamify.”

Speaking in the immediate aftermath of Responsible Gambling Week 2019 Swintt also launched Play-It-Back in 2019, in an attempt to work with global organisations and develop products that allow the business to contribute to communities and the environment in order to ensure a sustainable future.

“Having spent 16 years in the industry, I felt it was time that I, and the industry as a whole, gave something back to the world around us,” he says.

“Swintt Play-it-back has been created to help good causes around the world through enjoyable game play. Research shows, I have personally experienced, that giving to charity is generally a one-time event, or series of events based around subscriptions.

“It’s very difficult however, to see the exact and direct impact that you’re having on your chosen charity or good cause. Through Swintt Play-it-back we aim to change this and ensure that players can see in real-time the positive impact their game-play is having for their chosen good cause.

“With the global online gambling market GGR predicted to be in excess of £50bn per annum, imagine if a small percentage of this went to good causes. The products we deliver will make a real difference in the world. My mission is for Swintt to be the catalyst for this positive change.”

Adding: “Responsible Gaming should be at the forefront of everything in our industry as we must make sure our players are protected and able to enjoy their leisure time safely. It may only be a small portion of the global player base that have negative experiences, but we need to try and bring that number down to zero. The players, our customers, are at the heart of this industry.”

To conclude, Flynn emphasised that 2020 is lined up to be instrumental in shaping Swintt’s future after being developed for less than 12 months: “Since forming the business earlier this year, there is a real momentum behind us, seeing us close off our inaugural calendar year with some more major deals that are testament to the strength of our product suite. We already have a busy schedule for several events this year, where we will constantly try an innovative approach to how we present ourselves.

“I’m personally working on a number of initiatives to raise further awareness for responsible gaming and who knows, fingers crossed for ‘Rising Star in Casino Innovation’ at the SBC Awards in London, which would be a great way to end 2019 and lead us into 2020 with a bang! As for 2020, this will really be a year where we will see our fledgling company fly and start to make a difference.”