1XBet Reinforces Affiliate Sector With New “Booming” Sponsorships

1xBet reinforces its focus on the affiliate sector with ongoing investments in its affiliate programme following the company’s participation at this year’s IGB Affiliate Conference in Lisbon.

Commenting on the profitable opportunities new registrants can expect from the programme in the months ahead, the 1xBet affiliate team explained: “Participants in our affiliate program receive the most convenient conditions and marketing tools for doing business, which results in maximised profits for them.

“Conversions of our partners are growing, as the number of partners themselves is growing. On the subject of new products, we are preparing several powerful sponsorship deals that can be used to attract maximum attention to the company. There are also many new promotions and bonuses in development, which we will talk about in due time.”

In 2007, the 25,000 participant-strong membership of the affiliate programme of 1xBet was launched. As of 2019, a senior team of hundreds of specialists around the world is helping the international programme every day working in tandem with stakeholders, something that the company’s team believes is important to the continued success of the programme.

“We responsibly approach cooperation with partners, creating the most motivating conditions for them to earn money,” they said. “We believe in creating an ideal ecosystem, based not only on our experience but also on the wishes of partners. We always try to choose partners who see the future of our business sphere as well as that of 1xBet. Those who want to develop along with the market, by profiting from offering players unique opportunities to earn money. So, if you want to make good money and are prepared to work for it, it’s definitely the ideal time to become a partner of 1xBet.”

1xBet’s position being one of the only gaming companies to effectively demonstrate affiliate value in the B2C sector was highlighted in the Lisbon Affiliate Conference with the affiliate programme team stating that the event exceeded all expectations.

The 1xBet affiliate team explained why the programme continues to draw experts and engage new customers from both B2B and B2C: “We offer customers the maximum choice of opportunities to earn. This is primarily due to having the widest range of markets at the best odds. There are more than 1000 events daily, and you can bet on 90+ sports. In addition, players have the opportunity to choose from hundreds of different games on the site to satisfy their thirst for victories.”

They added: “We try to provide everyone with the best opportunities to realise their dreams. Customer focus is a key concept at 1xBet. It all starts with things such as ease of betting via a user-friendly interface for the site and mobile applications. Our huge selection of payment solutions, fast withdrawal of profits for players, and a dedicated support team, complete the experience.”

Although the affiliate programme continues to expand, 1xBet does not identify individual markets, choosing instead to focus on its role as a global brand operating in hundreds of countries around the world to promote real growth year after year.

The 1xBet affiliate team responded when asked about the challenges it faced in building its affiliate programme and what they would like to see done differently in the online gambling industry in the future. “We would like to achieve real transparency with general rules that work well for everyone. The industry in which we operate is one of the most competitive fields and making a breakthrough here is very difficult. While we have proven that it is possible, we would like to see fewer pitfalls interfering with systematic development.”

As the affiliate sector continues to build its profile across the consciousness of the global gaming industry, 1xBet focuses not only on growth, but also on providing its platform with the most relevant and high-end resources, expertise and data.

“Recent events, such as the IGB Affiliate conference in Lisbon, show that the industry is booming,” they said. “Accordingly, betting companies which can provide affiliates with the most favourable conditions for earning, together with innovative technologies and new products, will stand out from the crowd. What is also important is the swift fulfilment of requests from customers who need, for example, video content in increasing quantities.”

Concluding: “Ultimately, it all comes down to the willingness to promptly offer relevant and quality information. If you are able to give this it to both affiliates and players, then you will offer the best product on the market. This factor will definitely be increasingly relevant in the future.”