13 Proposals Received For Sports Betting Received By New Hampshire

Thirteen businesses presented ideas to operate New Hampshire’s new sports betting scheme as prospective suppliers and distributors, Lottery officials said Monday.

The New Hampshire Lottery published an application for suggestions (RFP) for the implementation of sports gambling in New Hampshire on 7 August, and the answers were expected on 20 September.

In July, Governor Chris Sununu issued a law that legalises gambling on professional and most division I college sports, excluding matches concerning New Hampshire colleges. Mobile banking and retail gambling at 10 places will be permitted and the wager is anticipated to generate an approximately $7.5 million for education in the fiscal year 2021 and $13.5 million two years ago.

The current law established a Sports Wagering Division within the New Hampshire Lottery, which stated on Monday that it intends to approve final agreements by the end of November and to start sports betting by the beginning of 2020.

“We are pleased and encouraged at both the robust number of responses and the overall quality of the proposals,” Lottery Director Charlie McIntyre said in a statement. “As the critical next step in the process, we look forward to reviewing each response carefully and thoroughly to ensure we can ultimately make the right decisions in launching a sports betting system that engages and protects players, while also driving crucial revenue for education in the Granite State.”

“It’s up to five mobile partners, if we choose. It’s up to 10 physical locations. So, for example, a company can have more than one location submitted,” he added. “Fundamentally, we’re looking to convert an illegal market into a legal one. I know that’s a shock to some folks, but go to a good sports bar now and you’ll see some action over a table.”

Lottery representatives announced that they got 13 ideas from sportsbooks or internet sportsbooks. “They’re some real first-class outfits. So we’re looking forward to combing through it. It’s a lot of reading. It’s thousands and thousands of pages. So we’re going to examine what’s best for the state,” McIntyre said.

Voters in New Hampshire societies will have the opportunity to weigh on allowing betting places to operate. The lottery is working to provide the towns with November elections with data on sports betting.

State authorities are planning a multimillion-dollar windfall of income once sports betting starts. “The fiscal note. It’s the first year operations, the first full year, so starting July 1, you’re looking at $10 million net profit for the state for a full year. That doesn’t include all the employees that get hired, all of the things that will get built out all of those things that add to the bottom line of the state,” McIntyre said.