100 Super Hot Slot

Are you a casino video game beginner? Do you prefer straightforward gameplays? Then, we have found the perfect game for you. Although the game is pretty simple in its mechanics and design, some exciting features make 100 Super Hot Slot a worthy addition to the ‘Hot’ game series.

100 Super Hot Slot was developed by EGT, whose products are designed to meet customers’ needs. The online slot is a back-to-basics game perfect for beginners, casual players, and those who prefer classic slot action without complicated bonus features. 

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About 100 Super Hot Slot game

100 Super Hot has undergone regular updates since its creation, with its latest update in February 2022. This internet-based game has a Vegas’ fruit slot’ look, featuring conventional fruit symbols commonly associated with the mechanical slots of the past year. The fruit-themed video slot is very much traditional and retro-styled in the display.

Fruits like; oranges, cherries, grapes, lemons and watermelons are represented pictorially in this super incredible game. You should also know that all winning combinations are paid from left to right on adjacent reels. For instance, a player is awarded a win with three or more matching symbols on a winning pay line.

There are six fruity symbols in 100 Super Hot, one wild symbol, and one scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is the Gold star, with three or more of the scatter symbol landing anywhere on the reel awarding a player with a win. 

100 Super Hot Slot offers a traditional and uncomplicated fruit slots experience. There are no free spins bonuses, but the inclusion of the Jackpot Cards Mystery Feature with 4 Progressive Jackpots adds some spice to the otherwise bland game.

This straightforward retro-style game offers players who enjoy the ‘double or quits’ gamble mechanic. 

This ‘Hot’ game series offers straightforward gameplay with few touch-ups to add spice and excitement to the rather bland feel. However, this further emphasizes why this game is suitable for beginners and casual players. It is also perfect for those who prefer classic slot action without excessive or complicated bonus features.

How to Play 100 Super Hot Slots

The layout of the 5-4 grids depicts playing fields, with combinations forming pay lines. Players can play 10 Super Hot online slots for real money at one of the listed casinos. Those who do not want to play for real money can always play the demo mode in the base game for free. 

  • Search on any online casino site gaming site for 100 Super Hot slots and register;
  • Select the search button to load the game;
  • Select the control panel and select the number of betting pay lines;
  • To ensure effective play, you would want to adjust your bet using the plus and minus signs buttons to either maximize or minimize your chance;
  • Then click on the spin button after your stakes have been set.
  • Click on the ‘play’ button to begin; 
  • You would want to select ‘autoplay function’ to avoid interruptions during your gameplay;
  • The casino game information provides more information for system settings for personalization for players.

100 Super Hot is available on desktop and mobile devices; players can also access the game on the EGT website. 100 Super Hot was developed by EGT gaming software with beginners and casual players as primarily the target market. However, the game is only available in mural mode. 

Interactive Features

With a great user experience as the end goal, the game’s author- EGT, created interactive features that ensure that. EGT provides its players with a classic casino experience. For example, the game offers 100 fixed pay lines on a 5×4 grid layout. 

Game Symbols

100 Super Hot has the fruit, wild, and scatter symbols. These symbols help to make the game very interactive and exciting. The fruit symbol gives the gameplay a classic retro feel. There are six fruit symbols.

They include; grapes, plums, watermelons, oranges, lemons, and cherries. The wild symbol is depicted by the red lucky seven, and it substitutes all symbols except the scatter symbol. “The gold star represents the scatter symbol; three or more of the gold star symbol landing anywhere on the reel equals a win. 

Bonus Feature

Progressive Jackpot: As we know, that jackpot increases with time. A 4- level can trigger progressive jackpots randomly during regular play. For example, when 12 card backs are presented, and if a player can match 3 card symbols [ Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades], such player wins the Progressive Jackpot for the symbol matched.

The progressive makers for each symbol can be seen above the reels. When a player triggers the Jackpot Cards, Mystery Bonus automatically guarantees one of the mystery jackpots wins.

Gamble Feature: This feature gives a player the chance to double winnings. Just as the literal meaning implies, it is a gamble, and the gamble feature means a player can either double winnings or lose all winnings.

To access the gamble feature, a player has to click the gamble button on any win, and then they are presented with card backs. They are then asked to match cards by colour [black or red]. If guessed correctly, winnings are doubled, but all winnings are lost if guessed incorrectly. 

Wild Symbol: This special symbol helps to complete winning combinations and could turn a non-winning spin into a winning spin. For example, the red lucky 7 is the wild symbol, which substitutes all symbols except the scatter. Likewise, the wild symbol can substitute all symbols, excluding the scatter symbol. 

Scatter Symbol: The Scatter Symbol is the gold star of this gameplay. For instance, three or more of this symbol landing anywhere on the reel will award the player a win. In addition, the scatter symbol offers a maximum player payout as the gold star symbol. For example, 5x scatters – 500x bet. 

Symbol Triggers

Different symbols offer different payouts. Some provide high payouts, while others offer low payouts. From the highest to lowest payout offer, the scatter is on the top of the list showing the highest payout, the wild symbol following closely.

The grape symbol comes next, followed by the watermelon/plum symbol, and then the symbols with the lowest payouts are – lemon, orange, and cherry. Under the four levels progressive jackpot, the value of each card symbol can be seen on tickers above the reels. For example, the Club represents the lowest value jackpot on the initial level, Diamonds are second, Hearts are third, and Spades are the highest value jackpot of level four. 

What Button Triggers 100 Super Hot Slot Free Spin?

In 100 Super Hot Slots, there is no free spins feature.

Pay lines and Stakes

It is a back-to-basics, 5×4 grid layout video slot with 100 fixed pay lines—placed a minimum bet of 0.01 coin and a maximum bet of 15 coins.

100 Super Hot Software

The software provider is EGT gaming, and the game’s author is EGT. EGT is a gaming software that provides 24 hours, seven days a week technical service assistance to its users. EGT gaming software is top-notch for its constant support to its players, and its constant innovation further emphasizes the top-notch abilities of this gaming software provider.

What is 100 Super Hot Slot RTP?

The Return to Player [RTP] percentage is 95.76. Therefore, the RTP implies that each player should expect a return of 95.76% for every bet placed.

Slot Volatility

The volatility slot of 100 Super Hot is low. Low risks are assured, and a high chance of winning is guaranteed, but there is a smaller jackpot chance. 

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This retro-styled traditional fruit symbol game was developed by one of the world’s best gaming providers –EGT. Winnings are gotten through combinations and can achieve extra winnings through the gamble feature.

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