1/ST TECHNOLOGY And AmTote Accelerate Gambling Platform

AmTote International is designating its market-leading Spectrum pari-mutuel totalizator and fixed-odds wagering platform as a “legacy” product, dedicating its technical capital to the finalisation of the current platform, after several years of service characterised by extreme reliability (99.99998 percent uptime) and reliably good results.

As 1/ST TECHNOLOGY continues to execute on its goal to broaden prospects for growth, new business opportunities, and diversification through The Stronach Group’s racing and gaming verticals, the next generation wagering network will play a key role.

Extending platform capabilities

1/ST TECHNOLOGY’s CEO, Paul Williams, said: “Our vision is to build upon the strengths of our current gambling platform while extending the platform’s capabilities – increasing speed to market, enhanced support of our customers’ needs, and unlocking the ability to rapidly and efficiently onboard new consumers across sports betting, esports, and other emerging opportunities.”

Although the new model is being finalised and phased into production through the AmTote customer base, the technical and operations departments at AmTote will continue to completely support the Spectrum platform.

Although new application creation for Spectrum will no longer be prioritised, AmTote will continue to participate and work with consumers on new product feature demands, which will be reviewed and prioritised for inclusion in the new interface.

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