$1.8 million Tax Raised By Chilean Casinos After Reopening

A financial report has been released by the Chilean gambling authority, the Superintendency of Gambling Casinos (SCJ), describing the first month of operations following an eight-month mandatory closure due to COVID-19. In Chile, the 11 casinos that reopened paid around $1.8 million in taxes to the state.

Casinos resuming operations

Luckia Arica, Marina del Sol Calama, Enjoy Antofagasta, Antay Casino & Hotel, Ovalle Casino & Resort, Casino del Pacífico, Enjoy Santiago, Sun Monticello, Casino de Colchagua, Enjoy Coquimbo and Enjoy Viña Del Mar were the facilities that resumed their operations between November 19 and 28.

Gambling tax

A month later, the gross tax allocation amounted to $715k, which corresponds to the “specific gambling tax  destined to the Regional Governments and Municipalities where they operate to finance development works”.

In addition, they contributed $950k via VAT payments and $133k “corresponding to an entrance tax sent to Chile’s general funds.”

Gross gaming revenue

The report also reported that gross gaming revenue of $5.9 million was recorded by the nine private casinos and the two municipal concession casinos, although the results represented a 43.6 percent decrease compared to November 2019. Since regular visits were 57.2 percent lower than those recorded in the same timeframe the previous year, the SCJ claims there was a decline.